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New number 1 in the App Store: Why do iPhone users love this app?


When a previously little-noticed app suddenly storms the app store charts at Apple and lands at Number 1, it attracts our attention. So why do so many iPhone users suddenly love "NoteIt", what's behind it?

Usually there are such well-known calibers as WhatsApp or the Corona Warning app in the front ranks of the App Store at Apple, but currently the position 1 occupies "NoteIt". Never heard of it? You're like most people. So what can the app do and why do so many users of an iPhone currently download this free application?

iPhone users love "NoteIt": The drawing app for romantic couples

In a nutshell: "NoteIt" is a drawing app on the iPhone. The small "works of art" are shared without delay with the loved one. There, the images then appear as a widget on the home screen of the iPhone. So you can always scribble and put something nice to each other, almost like in the past at school by means of small notes from bank to bank. Now it's digital and via the Internet. Sounds very cute, but why do so many iPhone users suddenly want to have this?

The trend has its origin on TikTok, where the app and the associated videos experience an enormous popularity. The hashtag #NoteIt has already been viewed over 34.5 million times (source: Buzzfeed.News). But not only "NoteIt" is currently so popular, under the term "Locket Widgets" (view in the App Store) there are still similarly popular apps, but with which you do not send drawings, but photos on the home screen of the iPhone.

Long story short: These apps are ideal for the new, digital romantics. A species, not only, but also emerged from the necessity of the corona restrictions of recent months. If you can't always see each other directly, you just revive your relationship with such emotional messages.

What good is the app?

And how does "NoteIt" perform in the App Store? There is still room for improvement, because currently it is only enough for an average of 3.3 out of 5 possible stars with currently 65 reviews. An app store user also has several suggestions for improvement :

  • Beautiful idea with potential
  • In itself a cool app that brings fun.
  • However, I would have three suggestions for improvement :

    1. It would be cool if you could set to receive a push notification as soon as the partner has left a new note.
    2. Maybe there is the option to include images and GIFs in the app as well.
    3. You can currently only have one partner. It would be nice if it gives you the opportunity to send notes to several partners/friends.

Important to know: The iPhone should run at least under iOS 14.1, the memory requirement is very modest with just under 20 MB – still finds space on every iPhone. The app is free and updated regularly, most recently in early February.