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AMD Ryzen 7000: Zen 4 earlier than expected?


So far, it was agreed that Ryzen 7000 with Zen 4 architecture will be released in the fourth quarter. AMD is said to have brought the release forward to before September. It would be conceivable, because the tape-out was allegedly some time ago and with an unusually large amount of lead time.

Zen 4 is supposed to be released at the end of the year, but according to the information of the Twitter user Greymon55, Ryzen 7000 or codename Raphael should start earlier. Allegedly, Raphael is now to start before September. Why, that's left open in the meantime. It is conceivable that AMD wants to pre-empt the competitor Intel, which also wants to start the second expansion stage of its hybrid technology for the fourth quarter.

With Ryzen 7000 also starts the new socket AM5, which has 1,718 contacts in the Land Grid Array. This is accompanied by amD's Vistula on DDR5 and PCI Express 5.0 including a new I/O chip as a 600 series. Executable CPUs already exist; AMD had shown a processor at CES that calculated Halo Infinite at 5 GHz on all cores. Logically, a marketing campaign and you know so far no details about the CPU, which AMD let turn a round.

AMD Zen 4: Tape-out probably already at the beginning of the year

AMD will also not introduce hybrid technology with Raphael, while direct competitor Raptor Lake is entering the second hybrid round. Hybrid technology should come with AMD only with Zen 5 and also look a little different than at Intel, because you want to use the same cores, but scale them down - Meanwhile, Intel uses different x86 architectures with the Cove cores as P cores and the Mont cores as E cores.

The Raphael processors should generally go up to 120 watts TDP, but also allow a model with 170 watts. The guess for now is that the 170-watt model is a special edition that will be approved a little more leeway. Already 120 watts TDP would be 15 watts more than the current socket AM4 with 1,331 connections. While the AM5 package for Raphael is square at 40 × 40 millimeters, Intel's is known to be rectangular and is said to measure 37.5 × 45 millimeters for Alder Lake S.