Total failure of Firefox: Cloud provider triggers bug, restart helps users


With the new Firefox 96, Mozilla has started the year 2022. But many users today struggled with a total failure of the Mozilla browser. Firefox simply could not be used, did not work at all or only very slowly, swallowed the update and crashed with many users with a bug report. Now Mozilla has given the reason for the problems and a tip for users ready.

On the morning of January 13, Firefox recorded a total failure. Mozilla has recently launched the brand new Firefox 96 started in 2022. But according to many user reports, the browser could suddenly no longer be used. Firefox could also be called up on our systems, but it was either not possible to surf or only at a snail's pace. Also the update service did not run, many users collected crash reports instead.

Now Mozilla reported the problem:

"This morning, Firefox had a technical glitch because a cloud provider changed the default settings, triggering a Firefox HTTP/3 bug. We have disabled the configuration change and confirmed that it resolves the issue. Users who are still affected can fix the problem with a browser restart. We apologize for the inconvenience caused."

Since they want to keep the number of beats and deliver a new browser version every four weeks, Firefox 100 is on the schedule at the beginning of May. For this version is already diligently tested, because it may well be that some websites swallow the three-digit user agent.

The Release Calendar for this year even fixes the release dates until Firefox 107, that would be mid-November. So the frame is already in place, also for the ESR versions. Here, in the middle of the year, the jump from version 91 to 102 takes place.


Firefox version Planned release date

Firefox 97                8 February

Firefox 98                8 March

Firefox 99                April 5

Firefox 100              3 May

Firefox 101              31 May

Firefox 102              28 June

Firefox 103              26 July

Firefox 104              August 23

Firefox 105              September 20

Firefox 106              18 October

Firefox 107              15 November

Firefox 96 with improvements around video

But now it's Firefox 96's turn. The update attacks various construction sites, such as Video Issues, which should have been fixed by the new version. Also improved:

  • Leaner main process is supposed to speed up Firefox.
  • New cookie presets against cross-site attacks for increased security
  • A new option allows you to print even or odd pages.
  • Fixes for video issues with WebRTC
  • Security updates for 18 gaps