Nasty PayPal scam on eBay Classifieds: Don't fall for this scam



If you buy classifieds on eBay, you are happy to pay by PayPal. The PayPal payment is considered to be particularly secure and consumer-friendly. However, the police warn against a certain form of transfer. We will show you which scam it is. Watch the video to see how you can protect yourself in PayPal.

The scam is quite simple: The scammers post a product on eBay Classifieds. Especially popular: smartphones, food processors and branded sneakers. Customers believe they have made a favorable offer. You contact the seller – and fall into the trap.

During the interview, details such as price, delivery conditions and payment will be clarified. The seller wishes to make a transfer by PayPal. The scammers even state that this also benefits the buyer, after all, the option is safe.


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eBay Classifieds: How the Buyer Falls into the Trap

However, the buyer should specify the payment option "Friends and Family". Anyone who transfers the money in this way commits a fatal mistake. The police in Lower Saxony also warned against the fraud attempt.

The seller accepts the money and gets out of the dust. The eBay account is closed quickly, as is the PayPal account. The bank details can also no longer be tracked. The perpetrators apply the brazen PayPal scam to several users at the same time.

The transfer can then no longer be retrieved, because: The PayPal Buyer Protection applies only to the "Goods and Services" option.


What to consider when PayPal payments

When you buy a product online and transfer it via PayPal, you always select "Goods and Services". Then the PayPal buyer protection applies in any case. If the product does not arrive or is a fraud, you will receive the full purchase price back.

However, if you send the money as "family and friends", this protection does not apply. You should only choose the latter payment option if you know the recipient and trust him.

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