You can use Spotify, Sky Ticket and more for free with your Samsung smartphone

Samsung smartphones have enjoyed immense popularity – apart from a strong battery, high contrast display and good camera, there is at least one other reason to buy a smartphone from Samsung. It sounds like a joke, but it's not: you can use various services like Spotify, Youtube Premium or Sky Ticket for free with your Samsung phone!

Use Spotify and Co. for free with your Samsung phone - that's how it works

How does it work? Easy! All you need to do is sign in to your Samsung Galaxy with your free Samsung account. Then you open the "Samsung Members" app - this is usually pre-installed - and click the "Samsung Access" banner. From the Gartis offers displayed, you can then choose the one you like and follow the specific instructions that appear on your screen.

You can use this service for free with Samsung Access

First of all: Samsung Access offers change again and again and may even differ depending on the device used. This offer is currently available (as of 27 December 2021):

  • Sky Ticket: Free six months
  • Les Mills On Demand: 25 percent off monthly subscription
  • RTL+: Six months at a lower price
  • Youtube Premium: Free for up to four months
  • Spotify: Free for three months
  • Sound: Free for three months
  • Komoot: Free region plan
  • Read: Free for three months
  • Spiegel +: Twelve months at 40 percent off
  • Babbel: Five months free with annual subscription
  • Relax: Free for six months
  • Fastic: Twelve months of training for the price of two months
  • Booking.com: Up to ten percent cashback when booking accommodation

Caution: Remember to cancel your subscription in a timely manner if necessary so you don't incur follow-up fees.