The First In Portable Messaging! Telegram Takes Action Against Spoilers


The popular convenience messaging app Telegram has yet again improved on a feature that its competitors don't have: Spoiler alert. Especially after the release of Spider-Man: The Way Home number, surprising details about cinema began to be shared everywhere, especially on social media and communication clusters.

What's more, this atmosphere is not exclusive to Number Way Home. After launching the long-awaited TV series or film, lately it has become a routine to share data that will irritate you. Telegram which is one of the platforms where Routine is very universal with more than 500 million active members, started work to distinguish messages that have spoilers.

Telegram is about to create an opening message with an optional spoiler

The photo that surfaced on Reddit shared data on the working logic for Telegram spoiler hiding. Thus, when you press and hold the message you are writing, you will see options where you can format the reading. Here, there will be an option to change the paper thickness and type, and a "Spoiler" button.

With this method, if the text you write contains disturbing details about a series or movie, you will be able to show that it is a spoiler. Notifications that you send by ticking the spoiler option will be kept private and forwarded by Telegram. If the other party wants to read it knowing that it has spoilers, they will be able to view the new reading by tapping it once.

Messages with spoiler content will not be kept secret automatically

Compared to the early development phase of new features, Telegram does not want to automatically hide spoiler articles. Instead, it's worth mentioning that each read that is about to be sent contains details that interrupt surprises by tapping the "Spoiler" button. It means; Unless the user specifically reports, this violation of restrictions will continue.

Not only that, Telegram does not share warnings on sent notifications by selecting the "Spoiler" option. In other words, users need to adjust to the new features to fully sit on the platform. This setback is relatively acceptable, as the known features are currently in development. It will work more effectively when made available to the general population.