Sony is working on a new camera technology!

Sony, Samsung and Omnivision are among the world's leading camera sensor manufacturers. The industry has already announced promising innovations that predate smartphone photography. Japanese Industry Sony introduces what it calls the world's earliest stacked CMOS photo sensor with 2-Layer Transistor Pixels.

Sony releases photos showing new camera technology

Sony has released photos that show what has changed compared to conventional sensors. Industry reports that this test doubled the sensor saturation signal level. This is why he suggests creating a wider dynamic range. The industry improved that moving pixel transistors to another substrate freed up space to increase the size of the transistor amp.

Hope it's useful for low light photography

Industry notes that larger transistor amps create a marked reduction in noise, which is especially useful for low-light photography. The industry noted that this technology allows sensor pixels to maintain and improve their current performance, especially at smaller pixel dimensions.

Sony thinks this technology could play a key role in creating larger resolution smartphone cameras with smaller pixels. Therefore, it is estimated that the industry will provide valuable facilities to explore Samsung and offer a 108 Megapixel or 200 Megapixel camera.

Sony has confirmed that this technology is intended for smartphones. However, he did not share the time when the sensor will be released.

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