Microsoft Edge: Revitalize RSS feed-like functionality


Microsoft is reintroducing instant functionality that emphasizes classic RSS feed readers. The Edge browser now has the option to "travel websites" in early versions for testing.

Google has also developed something uniform for Chromium, and now Microsoft is exploring with Edge. In fact, you have to say that Microsoft is trying again, because a few months ago there was a built-in utility test in Edge Canary. In the new Edge Canary build for Windows, Microsoft has now started testing a new feed that introduces native RSS functionality with collections integration.

Platforms like Google News or Microsoft News basically sell classic RSS aggregation tools, but with Edge you can easily keep tabs on your own news feed again.

Subscribing to an RSS feed returns you to the browser; no need to use an RSS reader or web application like Feedly. Microsoft's implementation of reading RSS is called "Accompaniable Websites" and is currently only rolling out to select users of the Edge Canary type. The flag to enable this experimental feature emerged almost 3 months ago and was reintroduced with a recent update as part of industry-controlled beta testing.

"Website That Can Be Accompanied"/"See Web Website"

As the name suggests, Followable Websites gives you access to a curated feed of all your favorite websites from the Collections button on the Edge toolbar. It is placed in the Collections pane, and posts published by publications appear in a slick feed when you open a browser.

Use the Edge RSS feed reader is still in early development. Feed views and options for viewing and posting new feeds will be revised in the coming weeks. When, or rather, whether this function will soon make it the final Edge type for all users is not yet known.