Free For Android & iOS: These Premium Apps Are Currently Free



For Christmas, too, NextPit has our list of free apps and games for Android and iOS for you. These are apps that are usually paid for and can only be downloaded for free for a short time. Have fun trying!

Have you survived the first eating coma of the festive season and are you looking for  mobile games and apps again? Then  you've come to the right place, because in addition to our daily  app news , NextPit also gives you an app list with downloads for Android and iOS twice a week.

At Christmas too, we rummaged through sites like  MyDealz.de  looking for apps that were n't generally free anyway . We are only linking premium apps here, which are only available free for a few days.

Regardless of whether it's children's games, camera apps , shopping list applications , shooters or simple casual games: Basically anything can end up in this list. If an app is chargeable again by the time you read the article, we would be happy to hear from you in the comments!

Tip: It's best to download interesting apps right away! This also applies if you are currently not using an app or a game. After deletion, the app moves to your app library and is therefore permanently in your possession. You can then reinstall it at any time for free.

Free apps and games for Android

Free apps for Android

  • Miracast for Android on TV : mirrors the content of your mobile phone or tablet on a compatible smart TV.
  • Sketch Me! Pro : Turns photos into stylized sketches, drawings or even cartoons.
  • Resize me! Pro : Resizes and optimizes pictures (and memes) before you share them on social media or via WhatsApp or other apps.
  • BlackCam Pro - black and white camera  : Tired of looking for the black and white filter in the normal camera app? This app is dedicated to black and white images and also offers filters and effects such as grainy film, borders and more.
  • Gif Me! Camera Pro : As the name suggests, this app helps you to create animated GIFs with special filters using the smartphone camera.

Free Android Games

  • Zombie Avengers : In this side scrolling game, you take control of various stickmen to protect humanity from zombies.
  • Message Quest  : In this traditional point-and-click adventure, you help the Herald find the true hero of the story.
  • Manoir  : Survive challenging stages in this old-school platformer.
  • oO : Minimalistic graphics and challenging gameplay: tap the screen to control the small point and bring it to the end of the level.
  • Cytus II : A rhythm and music game from the same developers as Deemo. Solve musical challenges to unravel the secrets of Cytus. We have already presented the app to you in detail .


Free apps and games for iOS

Free iOS apps

  • Orderly : Join the ranks of the ToDoists  and organize your tasks. You benefit from functions such as cloud synchronization and several options for categorizing and displaying your to-do list.
  • Phone-Drive : Use your iPhone or iPad as wireless storage for your Mac or Windows PC - this is one of the apps that we have already recommended here several times.
  • Shine - Sparkle Cam : Would you like to give your pictures a nice look? Try this app for some shiny effects.
  • Search Ace Pro : Accelerates web searches with multiple search tools at the same time, with special functions for YouTube's picture-in-picture mode and including support for the Apple Watch.
  • Memos Voice : Turns your voice recordings into multimedia notes, with tools to add pictures and comments to your interviews, courses and other audio recordings.

Free iOS games

  • Lost Maze (2.29 €) : Survive charming mazes, solve puzzles and collect items on your way home.
  • Space Border: Alien Encounter  (2.29 €) : Defeat the alien forces with your Starfleet in this real-time strategy game.
  • Ravon (2.29 €) : Travel through space and beat your way through rhythmic levels with music from all over the world.
  • Taboo (€ 3.49) : In time for the holidays you can try in this party game to guess words via video chat without using the taboo words.
  • Trigono (2.29 €) : Test your reflexes by steering a small triangle through difficult levels and trying to avoid the red areas.

We hope you can do something with our selection this Christmas. Get through the holidays safely and please let us know in the comments if one of the apps has become chargeable again in the meantime.