Browser add-ons to double your YouTube enjoyment!


While using YouTube on a portable platform is a slightly more restrictive experience, we have a slightly greater chance of browsing YouTube via the browser. You can install various add-ons on your favorite browser to make YouTube more functional and fun. In this post, we take a look at some of the plugins we have selected for you.


The most popular YouTube plugin: Enhancer

We can say that Enhancer is a very popular YouTube add-on for Chromium and Firefox based browsers. You can control the playback speed, control the volume with the mouse and can manage ads and find shortcut paths to various YouTubes using just a plugin.

This plugin also ensures that it does not randomly collect your individual data. You can download it by clicking here for Firefox and here for a Chromium based browser.


Cinema experience: Turn off the Lights

While not very popular with black fashion coming to YouTube, to turn off the lights is a little different. With a button added to your browser, you can darken the background some more and watch cinema-like photos. Apart from YouTube, other popular platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are also supported.

You can click here to download the add-on to your Chromium-based browser, and here to install it in Firefox.


Have a GIF practically from a photo: GIFit!

Getting a GIF of a random video scene you like on YouTube can be quite a tedious task. GIFit is for those who don't want to go through the lengthy process of downloading photos and inserting them into your favorite image editing app! totally disconnected.

After opening the photo you want, all you have to do is GIFit! Clicking the button and sorting the start/end time. In this step, you simply click on the Save GIF button and download the document. Click here for Firefox type and here for Chromium.


Easy but very efficient: Image Resumer

Imagine watching a long YouTube video and unintentionally refreshing or closing the garden. After that, you may find yourself searching for where you are in a photo for about 3-4 minutes… This is where Image Resumer comes into play.

You close the garden planned or unplanned: Image Resumer remembers where you are and when you open a photo, you continue right where you left off. You can download the Firefox version here as well as the Chromium version.