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Meetings on Google Meet can now be attended by 500 participants


Google is finally expanding the reach of its video conferencing platform, Google Meet.

With this update, online meetings will be more extensive and easier to connect with a large number of colleagues, clients and other participants. If 500 participants are not enough for a company meeting, Google Meet provides a Live Streaming option that allows 100 thousand participants to watch the event being held at the same time.

However, this privilege is not unconditional. Because this feature will only be available to users who subscribe to Google Workspace Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, or Education Plus. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for enterprise Essentials, Starter, or Standard Workspace users.

Online meeting service providers such as Google, Microsoft, Zoom, and other video conferencing software makers are increasingly increasing the maximum number of participants who enter online meetings.

This is driven by the increasing number of people working from home and the increasing number of companies holding virtual meetings. Moreover, at this time Hybrid work is also implemented by the company.

However, like Google Meet, meetings with larger participants are not provided for free.

Last August, Microsoft Teams announced that it would increase the number of participants to 25,000 participants for US government organizations. Meanwhile, 1000 people can attend normal meetings using this service.

Then there is Zoom which can also allow 500 to 1000 participants to join online meetings. However, users must first subscribe to Pro or Business and purchase the Large Meeting add-on at a price of around USD 50 or the equivalent of IDR 700 thousand for 1000 participants.

Enterprise plan users can accommodate up to 500 participants without add-ons, and Business plan users can accommodate around 300 participants.

Virtual business meetings may continue to exist even though the pandemic is gradually recovering, now companies are starting to implement a hybrid work policy where work can be done online or in the office.