What is good speed for internet (speed test)

Today, there is a lot of talk about internet speed in the media, and there is considerable interest in building faster and better networks. Over the next few years, technologies like DSL Bonding, Vectoring, and Fiber for home users are expected to open up options for faster connections, giving you the decision to make, what internet speed is enough for me?

What is good speed for internet (speed test)

The internet speed you need right now is a simple calculation, but it involves many factors. You need to consider the total number of Internet users, the various online activities that you often do, the more bandwidth required for these activities and how many users will be using the Internet simultaneously.


The hardest part is figuring out how much bandwidth each activity really has to use the power of the internet. Finally, you need to think about all the other devices in your home that are connected to the Internet and how they share the connection, such as TV receivers, game consoles, Smartphones, and more.

Before we look at the usage information, let's confirm some terminology:

Streaming is a type of download that is not stored or stored anywhere on your device. Streaming only uses a lot of bandwidth if you are actually watching the video in real time and you don't have to download the entire video at once.

The download process is the actual transfer of data from one place to another. When you download a movie or song, download an email, or surf the web, you have a copy of that item on your device.

Uploading is similar to downloading; whatever you send will be copied to another device or location.

What are good internet speeds

  • Based on Netflix calculations, to stream the best Hi-Definition (HD) quality video, you need a connection above 4 mbps. However, the best non-HD quality for streaming, you can achieve with a connection of 4 Mbps or lower.
  • Streaming music can reduce the burden on the internet connection as it requires around 2 Mbps for the best audio quality. Whereas the email with the attached file depends on the file size.
  • While the estimated bandwidth usage for online games is around 150 Mb/hour or about 1/20 Mbps. The real culprits are those who use the game for game updates and can exceed 100 Mb for each update, or the audio service that gamers use to talk to each other to communicate.
  • For 2-way video calls, Skype recommends 0.3 Mbps as the minimum upload and download speed. The average Facebook user should have around 0.03 Mbps when browsing the site, but requirements continue to increase significantly when streaming video originates from the site.

What is good speed for internet

Good and ideal internet speed is as follows:

  • Internet speed of at least 1 MBPS, 2 MBPS, 3 MBPS but in general
  • Internet speed of at least 1 mbps can be used for video streaming
  • Internet speed 3 mbps to 5 mbps has class internet speed
  • 3 mbps internet speed has a native internet speed of 375 kbps which means
  • To download a file has a speed of 375 per second (375 kbps)
  • It can be used for downloading, uploading heavy files, and playing heavy online games.
  • Having a native internet speed of 625 kbps, the faster the internet access speed, the faster the data transferred.
  • Internet speed 5 mbps to 10 mbps has a fast and stable internet access speed that can be used for multitasking, opening many youtube files, and various online activities simultaneously.
  • 10 mbps has a native speed of 1250 kbps or 1.25 mbps. with speed
  • 1.25 mbps real internet then only need 1 second to unlock
  • file, download, upload file with 1.25 mbps size or 1250 kbps speed

Internet service provider or internet service provider access speed in the United States

1. XFINITY internet download speed 125 MBPS, Upload 15 MBPS
2. Cox internet download speed 117 MBPS, Upload 22.61 MBPS

Speedtest.net is one of the best and top websites that you can visit right now to check connection speed. Speedtest.net's user interface is quite simple, and shows internet speed in real-time.

Not only download, but also show upload speed and PING too. The pagespeed test 2021 site has long been known by internet users, this is because speedtest.net is owned by Oakla, an IT company from Kalispell, Montana, United States which is known as an internet speed test company.

Fast.com from NetFlix is ​​another best internet speed test site that you can consider today. This website is known for its clean user interface, and only shows real-time download speeds.

Through the fast.com feature, which allows us to monitor the best June 2021 speed test at the moment, because it has a fairly fast server as the name suggests.

Speedcheck.org Speed ​​test June 2021

Speedcheck.org is known for its nice and clean interface. Even Speedcheck.org has a pretty clean interface among all those listed in this speed test. For tech-savvy users, it shows detailed results with more information about your internet connection and speed.

The last best speedtest website in June 2021 may not be too familiar to internet users in the Indonesian region, this is because this website is more widely known in the western world.

The advantage of speedcheck.org is that it has chapters that can help you when you have problems such as:

  • Speed ​​Test
  • Internet Connection Basics
  • Modems and Routers
  • Why is my internet slow?
  • Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection
  • What to do if nothing helps?