Various ways to get free bitcoins easily

Free Bitcoin - The use of bitcoin currency is only done online through digital devices to carry out a number of transactions, such as payment instruments, send and receive money to various countries without being tied to a bank institution.

Various ways to get free bitcoins easily

As we know bitcoin allows you to send or receive money only through the internet network. In addition, Bitcoin can also be liquidated into several forms of currency.

How to get free bitcoins? let's just look at the following article.

1. How to get free bitcoin

How to get free Bitcoin can be done through certain sites. Here are some sites to get it.

  • Eobot
  • Cryptotab
  • Bitz free
  • Not mined.io
  • Bitcoin Month
  • Coin
  • Bitcoinker
  • BTCclick
  • Binance

2. Free Bitcoin Generator

If you're interested, virtual currencies like bitcoin can only be generated via smartphones.

Here are some trusted Android bitcoin apps, which will give you free Bitcoins:

Bitclaim- is a tried and trusted paid bitcoin earning app for Android users. Bitclaim Free Download will claim your Satoshi bonus every 30 minutes. In addition, if you have reached the specified threshold, the Bitclaim app will pay you with bitcoins.

Cointiply - With just the internet and Android, you can earn free bitcoins every day. Especially now that there is the best free bitcoin-producing application called Cointiply. If you are lucky, you can get a Jackpot of up to 500,000 coins. In fact, you are very likely to earn extra coins from ads, surveys, videos and playing games in this app.

Feature Point – is a trusted Bitcoin Feature Point generating application. Not much different from Cointiply, the Feature Point application also gives you the convenience of collecting free bitcoins. Starting from clicking ads, playing games, filling out surveys, and there are also contests that you can take part in. If the points have been collected, you can withdraw with boitcoin or paypal.

Storm Play - This app will pay you with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Storm Tokens every 30 minutes. Compared to other applications, the interface in Storm Play is better, as there are many additional features available. There is also a scoreboard feature that lets you see your own earnings and those of other users.

Bitcoin Farm - The design of this app is nice and very simple, making it easy for users. Every Saturday/Sunday, Bitcoin Darm will cash out the revenue to the user's bitcoin wallet.

3. Free Bitcoin Wallet

Trezor - If you really care about the security of your personal data, try using Trezor. known as a Bitcoin wallet that puts security first. Based on BitDegree, Trezor is called the most secure and free bitcoin wallet. Trezor belongs to the type of physical wallet.

You can also stay connected to your computer, smartphone, tablet or other device to access your acquired digital assets. Not only Bitcoin, on Trezor you can also buy more than 600 other types of crypto assets without worrying about security.

Electrum - If you like a simple and fast system, Electrum could be the Bitcoin wallet choice for you. Electrum is one of the best Bitcoin wallet alternatives that use low resources. This Bitcoin wallet is available for free on various operating systems and devices, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.

Exodus - This is one of the best Bitcoin wallet options and it's free for many because it can be used easily on mobile and desktop without any hassles. At Exodus, your personal data is ensured to be safe as you do not need to share personal information to exchange crypto assets. In fact, your bank account is also not required here.

KeepKey Wallet - Is another hardware Bitcoin wallet alternative. KeepKey Wallet keeps the wallet physically and virtually safe so it is one of the best that you can consider. Unfortunately, compared to Trezor, KeepKey is bigger and not easy to carry.

Blockchain - If you feel more comfortable using an online Bitcoin wallet, you can also try. Blockchain is one of the best free Bitcoin wallets capable of storing more than one digital money. On Blockchain, you can also store Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Stellar. 

Coinbase - Like Blockchain, Coinbase can also be one of the best online Bitcoin wallet options for you. This wallet is arguably one of the most famous in the eyes of cryptocurrency users. Here, you can transact not only Bitcoin, but also various other cryptocurrencies. This wallet is considered superior for security matters. You can use the mobile app on iOS and Android for free.

4. Free Bitcoin Cash

Airdrop - is a marketing strategy by distributing free coins or tokens to users. This is usually done by new projects/companies looking to enter the market and require multiple users to register and know about their project. These coins or tokens can later be sold, and used to buy Bitcoin. Therefore, airdrops can be one way to get BTC for free.

Bounty Program - is a marketing strategy by distributing coins or tokens to users. In the bounty program, the user must complete the task according to the conditions that have been set. This task can be in the form of sharing a referral link or posting something on the user's social media account. The token will then be assigned to the Bitcoin address you allowed at the start of the program.

Cloud Mining - Unlike ordinary mining where you have to spend money to buy a bitcoin mining machine, with cloud mining you only need to enter a site that provides mining services with a dedicated server. There are many cloud mining sites that you can use as a way to earn Free Bitcoin Cash.

Trading Competition - is a competition held by an exchange platform with an assessment of how much volume of digital assets you traded within a certain time limit. The reward can be Bitcoin or other crypto assets. You just need to register on the exchange that holds the competition, trade according to the conditions, and you have a chance to get free Bitcoin money.

BTC Spinner - Some time ago the crypto community was shocked by this application. it allows you to collect App Bitcoins just by spinning the spinner toy on their site. Collected Bitcoins must reach a certain threshold before you can make withdrawals to your Bitcoin address.

Affiliate Programs - these are usually used by exchange platforms to get a lot of users. This system allows you to invite friends to join the exchange using your own link. That way you can get a reward every time your friends make a transaction to buy and sell digital assets. This reward can be in the form of free BTC money.

Faucet - is an application or site that gives you Bitcoins for free by completing certain tasks such as captcha or other tasks according to conditions. The reward given is not much, only one hundred million Bitcoin. To use Faucet, you just need to look for a few sites that provide trusted services. For those of you who want to know a free Faucet comparison, you can check out Coinvest's Free Faucet Comparison page.