Easy Way to cancel Service Subscription my Disney Plus account

It's actually really easy to cancel a Disney Plus subscription. Here's how to unsubscribe from Disney Plus or Hotstar.

While Disney Plus offers lots of great content, not all of them will be on everyone's "must see" list. You've probably seen all the movies and TV shows that interest you. You are now ready to cancel your Disney Plus subscription. But how do you do that?

If you are absolutely sure you want to cancel your subscription or unsubscribe from Disney Plus Hotstar, you will need to follow our guide to do so.

Easy Way to cancel Service Subscription my Disney Plus account

Here's how to unsubscribe from Disney Plus Hotstar via the web.


1. Open Disney Plus On Your Laptop With Browser And Login.

2. Tap your profile icon and select the "Account" option.

3. Then Click Under the Subscription heading and you will see the bundle.

4. Then Select Unsubscribe or Cancel Subscription.

Note: there will be a short survey to complete asking the reason for your cancellation. Check for as many reasons as you want, such as technical issues, incompatible devices, or price. Remember that multiple responses will trigger further questions.

5. If you select "Other" from the list of reasons, you will be asked to state your specific reason. If not, you can press "Submit" to complete the process.

6. Disney will send you an email confirming your cancellation. If you wish to continue your subscription a little longer, you can click "Restart Subscription" in your email.

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Easy Ways to Cancel Disney Plus Hotstar Via Android:

  • Open the Menu which is represented by three horizontal lines.
  • Select "Subscribe".
  • Choose Disney Plus.
  • Press the "Cancel Subscription" button.

Here's to Unsubscribe from Disney Plus Hotstar on iPhone Easily.

  • Open your iPhone settings.
  • Tap your account (your name) which is located at the top of the display.
  • Select "Subscribe".
  • Choose Disney Plus.
  • Press the "Cancel Subscription" button.
  • Unsubscribe from Disney plus Hotstar On Iphone

Frequently Asked Questions

After I cancel my Disney Plus account, will I still have access for the rest of this month?

  • Canceling your Disney Plus subscription does not result in an immediate termination of your membership. Therefore, you can still use the service until your subscription period ends and access the channels on any platform that you previously used.

  • Also, canceling your Disney Plus subscription will not delete your account. If you decide to try Disney Plus again, you can do so using the same account.

Can I pause my Disney Plus subscription?

At this time, Disney Plus does not allow you to pause your subscription and restart your subscription at any time. Your only option is to cancel your subscription, which is why you should think twice before canceling.