How to Get Free Virtual Credit Card (CVV)

Lately we have been spoiled with the convenience of shopping online especially with various payment systems such as credit cards. Buy now, pay later.

How to Get Free Virtual Credit Card (CVV)

However, not a few people refuse to apply for a credit card for various reasons. But there is no need to worry because VCC can solve these problems.

VCC or Virtual Credit Card, is nothing new. Even so, not many people know about the existence of this VCC.

In the following you will be given information about how to get  free virtual credit card as well as the benefits and tips for choosing a VCC.

VCC service

Using this VCC is safer so you can avoid other debit card fraud crimes.

1. Online shopping payment tools

For shoppaholics who like to shop on global e-commerce such as Amazon, eBay and others, of course, they will not be far away with a credit card. This VCC can also be used as an online payment method by entering the customer's card number.

2. Global payment system

Besides shopaholics, VCC can be used for freelancers. PayPal acts as a virtual bank that accepts fund transactions across countries or continents. The method is very easy with the VCC identity number.

3. Financial Controller

This virtual credit card has a relatively short period of time. If it has expired then you have to reproduce it again with a VCC request. The absence of a constraint scheme will make consumer spending more controlled.

4. Fund Transfer

Virtual credit cards make it easy for you to send funds around the world to any account. You do this by filling in the desired limit so you can send funds.

VCC characteristics

  • There are fund rights per day depending on the funds deposited in the credit account.

  • It is safer because it can only be used for one transaction and cannot be cloned because it is not physical.
  • VCC Published for primary users and does not have additional VCCs.
  • Only functions as an online transaction method. Sometimes it is only for certain sites.
  • It must be because it is only valid for a certain period of time.
  • Some agents or publishers charge fees for subsequent transactions.
  • No monthly interest.

Where to get free credit card virtual ?

  • Many of them can create accounts and issue free VCCs.
  • However, there are still costs incurred for each transaction ranging from 1.9% to 4.5%. The amount of fees collected also depends on the amount you transfer.
  • The higher the amount of funds you transfer from the VCC agent limit, the lower the fee discount will be issued.
  • In addition, there are also many websites that offer free virtual credit cards (CVV). or you can buy through a trusted seller.