Careers with American Express High-Pay Jobs

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American Express Company is a multinational financial services company headquartered at 200 Vesey Street in the Lower Manhattan Financial District, New York City.

Careers with American Express High-Pay Jobs

The company was founded in 1850 and is one of the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The company logo, adopted in 1958, is a gladiator or officer whose image appears on travelers checks, credit cards, and credit cards of well-known companies.

During the 1980s, Amex invested in the brokerage industry, acquiring what gradually became Shearson Lehman Hutton and then releasing it into what became the revived Smith Barney Shearson and Lehman Brothers. In 2008 neither Shearson nor Lehman's names existed.

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In 2016, credit cards using the American Express network accounted for 22.9% of the total credit card transaction volume in the United States. As of December 31, 2019, the company had 114.4 million valid cards, including 54.7 million valid cards in the United States, each with an average annual contest of $ 19,972.

In 2017, Forbes named American Express the 23rd valuable brand in the world, with an estimated value of US $ 24.5 billion. In 2020, Fortune magazine ranked American Express at number 9 on Fortune's List of Top 100 Companies to Work for in 2020 based on an employee satisfaction survey.