How to send money to paypal with credit card

PayPal is an online transaction service that is widely used by people today, even around the world.

Reason is, this online transaction service provides various facilities that make sellers and buyers get what they want.

However, before going any further, of course, you must know how to top up your PayPal balance so you can shop online.

Then how do you do it? Here I will provide an easy way to top up PayPal balance.

How to send money to paypal with credit card

Fill in the balance via computer

If you want to increase your PayPal balance via computer, here are the steps you need to do:

1. Sign in to your PayPal account

First step you have to do, of course, is open the PayPal site, then log in to enter your PayPal account.

If you haven't entered your bank account into your PayPal account, please enter it first by clicking 'Money' or 'Wallet'.

After that, enter your bank account because the top up process requires a bank account. Please note that the process of entering a bank account may take several days.

2. Click money transfer

After logging in to your account, click on 'Transfer Money'. The button is located in the upper left corner.

Chances are you will see a message telling you to try an instant transfer to your bank. Just click 'OK' to continue.

3. Add balance

Immediately click 'Add money to your balance' to add the balance to your PayPal account. Enter the amount of money that you will top up to your PayPal account.

4. Click Personal

After everything is according to your wishes, click 'Add Personal'. The balance you add will be in your PayPal account within 3-5 working hours.

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Fill in the balance via cellphone

Apart from using a computer, you can also add to your PayPal account balance via cellphone. The method is not too difficult, namely:

1. Open the PayPal application

After opening PayPal app and signing in, make sure your bank account already exists with PayPal.

Like using a computer, this process also requires a bank account so you can add to your balance later. If you haven't entered a bank account, you can do so now.

2. Click balance

Just click 'your balance' in the middle of the screen, then click 'add money'.

3. Enter the balance amount

If prompted to add from your bank, click the name of the bank account you want to use to transfer the balance to your PayPal account.

After that enter the balance amount then click 'Next'. After that, click on 'Add to Your Balance' and your PayPal balance will be filled in 3-5 working hours.

Fill in the paypal balance via credit card

  • This method is of course quite simple and easy. You only need to link a credit card to your PayPal account.

  • Indirectly, your PayPal account will be filled directly with the balance that comes from your credit card limit.