Paypal fee for sending money

When transacting on PayPal especially sending money to a local bank, there is some information you should know, such as transfer fees and what the exchange rate is after conversion.

First, we'll cover conversion rates at PayPal. Intrigued by the conversion price on PayPal? The most accurate and powerful way to find out is by looking directly at the funds transfer page.

Paypal fee for sending money

The minimum requirements for a paypal account must have a balance, the steps are:

  • On the main page i.e. Summary, click Transfer Funds
  • After that, select a bank account or credit / debit card, then click Next
  • Then enter the balance amount, it's free, but try $ 10, then tap Next
  • On the Check Your Transfer page, in this section there is information on the exchange rates offered by PayPal.

Easy Examples to Calculate

  • The calculation formula is: Exchange rate x 3%: 100 = The result must be reduced by the exchange rate
  • Example: 13000 x 3: 100 = 390
  • Results: 13000 - 390 = 12,610

Type Transfer Purchase:

The fee for receiving Online payments via PayPal (if you are an online merchant / seller), the amount is 2.4-3.4% + USD 0.3 per payment (regardless of the origin of funds, either from CC or from PayPal balance, regardless of recipient of funds will be invoiced)
Fees paid for online purchases: FREE

Personal Transfer Type:

Personal Transfer Fee for sending / receiving money: 3.4% + USD 0.3 if source of funds from sender is from a Credit / Debit Card.
Personal Transfers Money sending / receiving fees: FREE if source of sender's funds comes from his own PayPal balance

Paypal Transfer Fee

  • PayPal charges fee for withdrawing funds of 1 USD from balance to bank where withdrawal was made. If the amount is less than 100 USD
  • For withdrawals more than 100 USD from PayPal balance to bank, it's FREE

How do you know the transfer fee, right? I hope this information is helpful