Paypal fee for goods and services

Basically, sending money Paypal free of charge. However, when it is received at destination, funds that you send will be deducted. That is why sellers (traders) often ask buyers to exaggerate transfer amounts in exchange fees.

Paypal fee for goods and services

Until now Paypal one of online payment systems is legal, safe, and widely used by people from various countries. Paypal is widely used by all citizens world for online buying and selling transactions can be used as an almost integrated virtual account.

Paypal is listed as largest payment instrument in world which has been used by more than 153 million users. One advantages or advantages that Paypal offers is you can measure around 190 countries with 17 different currencies from all over the world. Until now, Paypal is also the favorite payment system choice for those of you who want to shop on various global e-commerce sites such as eBay.

Having an account registered with Paypal allows you to send money, transfer without being charged any fees (free). In addition, buying goods from abroad using Paypal on eBay is also free of charge. You can only charged import duties and currency conversion fees.

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Paypal Transaction Fees

  • Paypal account opening transactions are free
  • Transfer money with a free Paypal account
  • Free for withdrawing funds or balances to your Paypal account
  • Accept commercial payments
  • Ebay Standard Rate: 3.4% + USD 0.30
  • Merchant Rate: From 2.7% to 3.9% + USD 0.30
  • Ebay Merchant Rates: From 2.4% to 3.4% + USD 0.30
  • International Payment Fare Standard: 4.4% + USD 0.30
  • Ebay Standard Rate: 3.9% + USD 0.30
  • Trader's Value: From 3.2% to 4.4% + USD 0.30
  • Ebay Merchant Rates: From 2.9% to 3.9% + USD 0.30
  • Automatic transfers between countries (Standard domestic & international rates: 4.9% + USD 0.30
  • Seller Price: From 3.9% to 4.9% + USD 0.30
  • Received an e-Check of USD45.00
  • Receiving micropayments for domestic payment items: 5.5% + USD0.05
  • International payments: 6.0% + USD0.05

Thus review of fees about PayPal. May be useful!