Paypal fee for ebay shop

Whether you're  new seller  selling on eBay for years, you may not know exact fee structure when selling your item.

EBay fees vary depending on several factors so it can be confusing trying to figure it out. Let's go over all the costs associated with selling on eBay so you can clear understanding.

Paypal fee for ebay shop

Details eBay Seller Fees

Insertion fee flat fee (usually $ 0.10- $ 35 per item) that eBay charges you. You get 50 free listings month basic account, which means you don't have to pay insertion fees for 50 listings. Any listing beyond the free 50 will incur an insertion fee and will likely be $ 0.35 per listing.

When you list  item "buy it now" on eBay, sell within 30 days, listing will automatically be listed again. An insertion fee is charged each time an item is re-entered if the number of free lists has been exceeded.

For example, if you list 50 items as a 7-day auction, you must pay insertion fees if you re-register one of the auctions, or if you create new listings.

Final Value Delivery Fee

If you charge the buyer for shipping, you will also pay final value shipment.

Suppose you sell calculator for $ 40 and it costs $ 10 for shipping. You will pay final amount of all payments paid buyer ($ 50). If you offer free shipping (you pay instead of the buyer), you will only pay final value fee for price of the item sold.

You need to see how much you should pay for shipping if you offer to pay buyer. Don't make mistake of offering free shipping to newbies and selling things too cheaply. Many new sellers make this mistake and end up losing money on what they are selling.

Top Seller Discount

If you are a high-value seller on eBay, you may be entitled to final fee fees for certain items. Go to your eBay seller dashboard to see seller status and top ranking requirements.

EBay Store

If you need more than 50 items on eBay, it might make sense to buy a shop. BUT what is an eBay store? When you become an eBay store customer, you get a digital storefront with a unique URL that you can share with others. You can customize your shop page and do a number of things to market your brand.

store category where shoppers can click category they're interested in and see all of your listings in that category.

Here are some main advantages of owning an eBay store:

  • Get a free listing and  lower final value fee
  • Point the buyer to list and Save yours
  • Design custom homepage to bring in new and repeat buyers
  • Use exclusive tools to optimize your list
  • Make your absence as smooth as possible for shoppers when you go on vacation with vacation time
  • Free access to Terapeak products and pricing insights

Sometimes I get asked why you should buy starter shop subscription. Well, if you put 100 items in your store without store subscription, you will most likely pay a $ 0.35 insertion fee for 50 items on top 50 free items you get. This means $ 17 a month.

You may be able to get additional free listings from promotional offers posted on eBay, but these are never guaranteed.