Paypal credit card customer service

My PayPal can't be opened, alias login always fails. Indeed, in the previous week I received an email from PayPal asking me to send my personal data for verification, considering that the number of transactions from my PayPal account seemed to have reached a threshold.

The first thing I did was send a message to my Facebook Paypal account which was only replied to 3 days later, and even then, the lip service didn't help at all.

Then what are the steps for calling PayPal? Here's how I do it, which I've listed to make it easier for you.

Paypal credit card customer service

1. Fill Skype balance

To call PayPal yesterday I used Skype which I think the rates are very affordable. You must first fill the Skype balance which can be filled with CC, PayPal, Alipay and several other methods with a minimum charging value of $ 5.

2. Contact PayPal Singapore

For those of you who can still log in (because of my problem yesterday I couldn't log in), please click here to get a phone number + a special code to identify that calls coming to PayPal come from your account.

For those of you who can't log in, please contact PayPal Singapore at +6565104584. When you call, you will be asked for an email to identify who is currently calling PayPal.

3. Data Verification

After you have successfully mentioned your email account, you will also be asked to mention the last 4 digits of the credit card / account number used to sign up for PayPal.

If you are using VCC, make sure you know the last 4 digits of your VCC number, otherwise you will not be able to be served. I myself had to make two calls yesterday because on the first call I had not prepared the last 4 digits of my VCC number.


I myself highly recommend calling PayPal directly if you are having problems with PayPal.

Hopefully this short article can help friends who are having problems with PayPal and want to contact PayPal.