How to check American Express Gift card Balance

Check American Express reward balances

It's easy to check the amount on your American Express gift card. All you need to do is:

  • Call the phone number on the back of the credit card.
  • Check your Available Balance on the American Express gift card website.

Whether you are checking yourself over the phone or online, you will need to confirm your gift number and 3-digit Security Code. The Security Code is on the back of the gift card in the signature panel.

How to check American Express Gift card Balance

You can use American Express gift checks almost anywhere.

  • Sign the check in the upper left corner as soon as you receive it. There was a line that said "Receipt Here". Sign and date the check.

  • Decide whether to cash the check or use it as cash. Most major banks will cash checks at a branch office, as long as you have an account.

  • Bring a check to the bank with your photo ID. The cashier has to watch over you when you return the check. There is a line along the bottom of the front of the check that says, "Sign here in front of the person who cashed." Tellers have to witness this. There is no fee from American Express for cashing this out, but different banks may charge a fee. Use cash as usual.

  • Take American Express gift checks to major retailers. Before making a purchase, ask a representative or manager if the store accepts gift checks.

  • Use gift checks to buy goods internationally. Make sure the money changer or retailer accepts checks. Also, check the exchange rates offered. Most retailers will charge the most likely fee for currency exchange at the store. You may be better off cashing the check and changing the money at the bank.

Expiration date

The available balance on the gift card does not expire, but the card does not have an "Valid Until" date on the front of the gift card. This Expiry Date is used by merchants whose system requires them to provide an expiration date for the card used during the transaction.

You cannot use a gift card after the "valid to" date, but you can request a replacement card for free if the "valid to" date ends before you spend your Available Balance