Business paypal account versus personal paypal account

Paypal Business Account versus personal account

A PayPal business account offers all the essentials while an individual PayPal can help an organization to succeed and grow.

Below are the main differences between the two types of PayPal accounts.

Business paypal account versus personal paypal account

Personal PayPal Account

Personal PayPal Accounts are intended for individuals who basically use PayPal for web-based shopping or to send cash to loved ones. So, this kind of account can also be used to sell products or services.

PayPal business account

A PayPal business account combines everything a personal account does and many other benefits. Business accounts offer powerful administrative settings for everyone from entrepreneurs to SME owners who need free installment arrangements at affordable prices.

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Types of Personal PayPal Accounts and Business Paypal Accounts

The advantages of the various PayPal accounts differ in several significant ways.

All have access to PayPal's core features, which include:

  • Send money
  • Ask for money
  • Auction Tool
  • Website Payments
  • Money market
  • Virtual Debit Card
  • Account Insurance
  • Customer service email