American Express Gold Small Business Credit Card Review

Amex Business Gold is targeted at larger businesses with more significant expenses. There's no statement credit to offset annual fees, and overall, this card works better for large companies that can write off expenses than for individual holdings who may not be able to spend that much money.

Business Gold Card and revenue structure will appeal to a wide variety of businesses, as the category covers everything from spending on US restaurants to purchases in the US for certain advertising and technology providers.

This category structure, namely the fact that you will automatically earn 4x the points in your top two expense categories from the list of eligible bonus categories.

American Express Gold Small Business Credit Card Review

Amex Gold Small Business credit card benefits

Business Gold Card facility includes double points for purchases made through Amex Travel and benefits when booking through the Amex Hotel Collection.

You will also have access to Amex Offers and a variety of travel, car rental and baggage insurance policies.

This card also offers some great tools to help you manage your business expenses. For a flat fee of $ 50 a year.

You can also easily appoint employees as account managers, allowing someone other than the primary account holder to be responsible for reviewing reports, adding new employees, and making payments.

Amex also offers a receipt matching feature, which lets you upload receipts from your desktop or mobile, tag and annotate transactions, and even sync this data with QuickBooks.

Unfortunately, no type of credit report can offset the card's $ 295 annual fee. Of all the mid to high-end Amex card offerings, this is the only serious competitor with high annual fees and no credit report.

You have to make sure that you can score over $ 295 in the bonus and profit categories alone, but many businesses can.

Flexible bonus categories

To help match your rewards with your expenses, the Business Gold Card rewards 4 points per dollar in the two categories your business uses the most.

Airline tickets purchased directly at US restaurants, US gas stations, US delivery purchases, and purchases made directly from select US hardware, software, or cloud solution providers.

This means that if you spend more on US restaurant purchases one month and more on US gas station purchases the following month, you will still get a big reward. Plus, you earn 1 point per dollar on the remainder of your purchase.

Note, the 4-point bonus is capped at $ 150,000 in total purchases per year, but this is a very high spending limit, and cardholders shouldn't have much trouble earning a large number of Membership Rewards points at a high price.

The introductory bonus is distributed evenly for each member

American Express Business Gold Card currently offers 70,000 points on a $ 10,000 spend on qualifying purchases within the first three months of card membership.

While not as high as previous card offerings (including a credit of up to $ 300 for eligible US advertising and US delivery purchases), the latest bonuses are still very generous, valued at over $ 800 in our estimate.

Nonetheless, the new bonus has high spending requirements, as you have to spend at least $ 3,333 per month in the first three months to qualify.

When you pair these perks with bonus points offered in several categories, including gas stations and travel expenses, you will get enough profit in the first few years of ownership to offset the annual costs, especially since the limits set are so high for each bonus. category.

25% bonus for your trip

You can spend your points in a variety of ways, including buying gift cards and merchandise, and booking travel on the American Express website. You can also transfer points to any of American Express' 16 partner airlines.

Converting your points for travel is probably the best option, because - as one of the best advantages of being an Amex Business Gold card member.

You earn 25% points when you redeem points for qualifying travel purchases, including airline tickets, through the American Express Travel portal. You can get back up to 250,000 points this way per year.

Basically, this means that the points you earn with your Amex Business Gold card are worth 1.25 cents each when exchanged for plane tickets, making them much more valuable than the average gift card points.

Benefits of the American Express Business Gold Card

  • You appreciate the amazing benefits of travel more than just ordinary cash back.
  • You want to maximize rewards in the six categories above.
  • You're a small business owner looking for a card with travel benefits and options for managing cash flow.

How to use the American Express Business Gold Card

  • Use the Amex Business Gold Card to pay for everything in a bonus category, unless you have another card that offers a higher reward rate for that category.

  • Book your trip through the American Express Travel site to get a 25% redemption bonus on qualifying purchases, up to 250,000 points back per calendar year.
  • Before transferring points to an airline, make sure that seats are available.

  • Use Membership Rewards points when you need to book a high-priced flight, such as full-price economy, first class or business class travel.