American Express Delta Sky Miles Card and Its Benefits

Once considered by many business travelers as the industry leader among frequent flier loyalty programs, Delta Skymiles has become a sad clone of itself. 

While still versatile in the number of ways to earn points, the redemption process has so many limitations and costs that the program is no longer as competitive as it used to be.

American Express Delta Sky Miles Card and Its Benefits


  • An impressive airline partner alliance
  • Partnership with American Express


  • Lack of seats available while trying to make amends
  • It's hard to upgrade

  • High award redemption fee


  • Rewards, loyalty, and travel incentive programs.
  • Earn miles on your business trips and earn elite status and advancement.

  • Turn over the points earned from free trips.


  • Signing up for Delta SkyMiles is easy: Just head over to the website and create a username and password. Delta will send you a welcome email describing the program in detail.

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Earning Points

For Delta flights and many airline partners for credit card affiliates, SkyMiles offers several ways to accumulate points based on status and rewards.

Miles earned are the same on all Delta options: Delta, Delta Shuttle, and Delta Connection. Each flight generates a minimum of 500 miles or flight mileage, whichever is greater.

Delta's airline partners include Aeromexico, Air France, China Southern, GOL, Virgin Atlantic and others. These partners will receive your Delta SkyMiles number, making it even easier to streamline your rewards.

Delta SkyMiles can be obtained through credit card partner, American Express. Varying with special promotions, every dollar spent on credit card pairs will generally earn you one SkyMiles point.

Redemption point

Ordering a gift trip is a simple process, if seats are available! The number on offer is running low, so be prepared with more than one itinerary. Ticket rewards start at 25,000 miles on a domestic ticket, but most trips will require 50,000 miles. Don't forget your credit card - there's a fee for your "free" ride.

Shopping with SkyMiles your points are limited, and only available to members of "Medals", a special status category. Due to limited costs and rewards, the entire SkyMiles program is disappointing. However, if you are flexible with reward travel, SkyMiles can help you.

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