American Express Offers Amazing Customer Service

Exceptional customer service from American Express.

American Express Offers Amazing Customer Service

great customer service:

  • They were proactive in solving my problems. If they don't take the initiative, I won't know the problem is there until my next bill comes. At that time, who knows how much my credit card will be charged illegally.

  • My problem becomes their problem. They are responsible for the problem. I don't have to do anything except accept their help and support.

  • They came up with a straightforward solution to give me a card that came with a new number, even though I wasn't home.

  • American Express does this every day for their cardholders, who are also known as members. They do this all the time. They have systems and procedures to protect their members, and that's reassuring.

This is more than customer service. This is a school of faith. Confidence comes from trusting the company. The company's product has to be successful, the people have to create a great experience, and it has to be consistent.

It should be good all the time, not a few moments. The goal is for customers to have experience. And although the experience average is consistently better, the company operates in the American Express zone.