5 Ways to accept credit cards directly to your paypal account

How long does credit card process take?

According to PayPal, payments by credit card can take up to three days to be received. This is the standard for most credit cards. Some transactions will be faster, but PayPal does not guarantee that transactions will be completed in less than three business days.

5 Ways to accept credit cards directly to your paypal account

How much does PayPal cost to pay credit cards?

PayPal rates are competitive for its credit card service. Even if your business doesn't accept credit card payments in bulk, PayPal offers low transaction rates and fees that can help you start accepting debit and credit card payments from your customers. It has a fixed price and pay-as-you-go terms, so it doesn't require any long-term contract commitments.

All PayPal prices are set transparently on its website. Here are the current rates that PayPal lists for its credit card services:

  • 1.) 7% of each transaction: This rate is appropriate for credit cards, debit cards, and contactless payments from digital wallets that you receive during direct transactions using the PayPal Here mobile app and card readers. PayPal works with all major credit card brands and applies the same rates for each brand, as well as for mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

  • 2. ) 5% of each transaction plus $ 0.15 per transaction: These rates are appropriate for credit and debit cards that you manually enter or scan using the PayPal mobile app Here. You can avoid higher fees by using a PayPal card reader to accept cards in person.

  • 3. ) 9% of each transaction plus $ 0.30 per transaction: This rate is appropriate for debit and credit cards you receive through your website or with digital invoicing.

  • 4.) 1% of each transaction plus $ 0.30 per transaction: This rate is appropriate for the Visa, Mastercard and Find card payments you receive via PayPal's virtual terminal. These payments are usually received by telephone, fax, or letter.

  • 5.) 5% of each transaction: This rate applies to all American Express cards that you receive through the PayPal virtual terminal, PayPal Payments Advanced, or PayPal Payments Pro.

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While PayPal transaction fees tend to be the higher fees charged by most full-service credit card processors, account setup and maintenance fees easily offset the fees and charges of optional fees for small businesses that process low transaction volumes, respectively. month. Here are other fees you don't have to pay with PayPal:

  • There are no registration fees or setup fees
  • There are no monthly fees for reports and customer support
  • There are no monthly minimum requirements
  • There is no gateway setup fee
  • No monthly gateway fees
  • No annual fees
  • There are no annual or monthly PCI maintenance fees
  • There are no early termination or account closing fees

However, some PayPal services will charge additional fees in addition to fees and transaction fees. This is an optional service for an additional fee:

  • Refunds: $ 20 per incident

  • Billing service: $ 10 per month
  • Advanced fraud protection service: $ 10 per month plus $ 0.05 per transaction

  • PayPal Pro payments: $ 30 per month (this option allows you to receive payments directly on your website and includes a virtual terminal)

  • Cross-border fees: 5% is added to your transaction fee when you receive a payment from a customer outside the US; 2.5% is added if your cross-border payment requires currency conversion.

Certain businesses are entitled to special rates with PayPal.

If you fall into one of these categories, you can qualify for lower rates and transaction fees:

  • Registered charities: Eligible charities are charged 2.2% of each transaction plus $ 0.30 for online donations. Personal donations are the same as a normal business account at 2.7% for each transaction.

  • Businesses with less than $ 10 in transactions: These businesses make it possible to qualify for PayPal micropayment fees, which charge 5% of each transaction plus $ 0.05 per transaction.