What is proxy server and how it works

Known as a very helpful and reliable computer program or computer application, a proxy server helps people gain access on other computers. Technically, this term is commonly associated with computer systems that are in need for some services, files, or resources that are only available in computer systems that have different servers. To access the resources that clients need, this computer program assesses the requests of a computer system based on the filtering rules that it uses. Afterwards, it sends the requests of the clients by establishing connection with the significant server.

What is proxy server and how it works


Basically, people use this computer program to maintain their personal security since with the presence of a proxy server, the identity of clients remains private or anonymous. Aside from these, some clients use this computer application to enhance the speed of accessing files or resources that they need through caching. In this way, computer users can access cache web resources from reliable and secured servers.

Different Types

Before using proxies, it is important that computer users know the different kinds and functionalities of these computer programs. For instance, caching proxies are used to speed up requests that are already made by the same client in the past. On the other hand, for computer users who want to access web caches, it is best that they use web proxies. Meanwhile, those who like to ensure that their identities are secured while accessing some Web pages in the Internet, they can use anonymizing proxies. Other types of these computer programs that people can use are content-filtering proxies, hostile proxies, and intercepting proxies. Aside from these, clients can also use open proxies, forced proxies, and reverse proxies.

Risks Associated With the Use of the Computer Programs

For those who regularly use these computer programs to have access on other servers, they need to watch the passwords and log in information that they commonly provide. There are some cases wherein malicious proxy servers save all the personal information that clients provide when they use the programs. The risks increase when clients use anonymous computer application because there is no way that they can retrieve the private information that they use. As a reminder to all computer users, it is necessary that before using proxy servers, they read the policies of administrators of these computer programs.

Proxy Software and List

For people who are in search for reliable and efficient proxy software, they can always try aiCache, which is very popular for its use of perl pattern matching system. On the other hand, computer users who want to rewrite electronic mails, instant messages, as well as web sites, they can always check out AlchemyPoint. Other software that clients can use are Ideco Gateway, Apache HTTP Server, and Novell BorderManager. Meanwhile, for those who are in search for free proxies, they can try these anonymous servers,,, and Finally, for computer users who prefer high-anonymous proxies, they can always check out these servers,,, To ensure the safety and efficiency of these servers, it is important that clients look which country these computer programs are valid or allowed to be used.