Proxy Allows Anonymous Surfing

Online privacy and the facility of anonymous surfing is a boon granted by using a Proxy. When you are working in the comfort of your home or office, why do you want anonymity? Because the Internet is not an anonymous place. Apart from the viruses, bugs, spyware, adware etc. prowling in the cyberspace, which can damage your computer, your internet activities are also seen by snoopers.

Proxy Allows Anonymous Surfing

For Anonymous Surfing, before you start browsing, make sure that anti-virus software is installed, and firewall has been enabled. Now, you are ready to browse, anonymously, safely and with security. Remember, using a proxy allows anonymous surfing. The Internet has plenty of free proxies. However, paid services can bring more satisfaction while browsing. More than anything, a paid service will mean that you are safer, because your information is encrypted, and no one can access it.

Encryption means your information exchange cannot be snooped upon. While transmitting information, to ensure privacy encryption uses special computer algorithms, which are constantly changed, so that no one gets what you are exchanging.

Compared to a free Proxy, it is always better to go for a paid proxy which allows anonymous surfing. But just because you paid for a service does not necessarily mean it's a better Proxy. How then, will you spot a perfect proxy which assures safety and security? Are there any ways to ensure that you are being offered the best of protection? You can check on this through a couple of fundamental things, so that you are assured that your proxy is okay. To make sure of the credibility of the Proxy Server, you must enquire as to how long it has been functioning.

If it has a long standing reputation, you can believe it. There are a number of cases when proxies are found today, but vanish the next day. This is something you must take note of. Secondly, you must know from where the proxy is functioning. There are a few places in the world which continue to deny sharing your information with others. Places like Panama, are advantageous. For instance, the legalities in Panama are not only very strict, as far as data security is concerned, since this country will not share any kind of information to other governments or organizations, unless they come with court orders from their local Panamanian courts.

Proxy servers hide your IP address. Internet Protocol address is a unique number given to only you. Similarly, every computer with internet connectivity will have a unique IP, given by their service providers. Proxy servers allow anonymous surfing, as your identity is hidden even as you browse. Even if someone gets hold of the IP identity as you browse, it is only the proxy's IP, and not yours. To make it more difficult for snoopers, choose a proxy which is hosted from a country like Panama where strict legalities conserve our privacy. Now get on browsing anonymously all those websites you wanted to visit.