Open source proxy server for windows

Windows Proxy Server is an application that acts as a medium and intermediate machine between a regular terminal computer of a local area and the World Wide Web. The servers used for the web are usually HTTP proxy servers, or as they are mostly known Online Proxy- Servers. In general, depending on the needs and requirements, there can be many different types of servers for all application protocols.

Open source proxy server for windows

A Windows Proxy Server features particular operating principles, which are quite simple to understand even if you are not a savvy internet person. The proxy is a server that acts as a medium for applications, making requests online in their stead. Therefore, when users connect to the World Wide Web using client applications, these applications connect to the proxies first and then give them their requests.

The proxies then are supposed to connect to the server which the applications want to connect to and then they send the requests to the server. Once the proxies receive the reply from the server, they send it to the application clients and the user is finally connected to the webpage he wants. Of course all this Proxy anonymity process may sound complicated, but practically lasts for a few seconds. These few seconds have raised some controversy though, as there are many people who believe that proxies are slow. However, they are the most effective and efficient means of anonymous surfing available today.

Using protocols such as TCP/IP in a local area network, the role played by the proxies are is actually taken over by routers and gateways, but the proxies are not useless; on the contrary, they have some other features that make them very useful and practical. Caching is one of them; most Windows proxy servers have caches, standing for the option to keep some popular websites in memory for a long time, in order to facilitate and accelerate visits. A user that has access to a Proxy Servers List can cache information through a proxy called cache-proxy.

Internet connections can be facilitated and encrypted with the use of a well appointed, fast and effective Windows Proxy Server.