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How Does a Proxy Work?

A proxy is essentially a web page that gives internet surfers the ability to browse websites that have been blocked or not allowed to view. By using a proxy to get around the block, surfers can now view the content as much as they want. By using a proxy, it makes the user invisible to detection therefore erasing evidence that the user has visited any site.

How does the proxy really work?

Basically the proxy provides users the same way to browse the internet like any other web browser. A proxy site allows users to enter a specific web address and access it in the browsers window. By using a proxy the window is then coded as part of the proxy site address and not the real website the surfer is visiting. Any information cached in the temporary folder is that of the proxy, not the users. This means the user is not traced at all and the information is kept hidden.

Why Use A Proxy?

People use a proxy for a few reasons. The first is to get around blocked sites to access the information within. Sometimes the content may not be safe for work or for young people that's why a website is usually blocked. Many employers use this as means to prevent their employees from slacking off and let them concentrate more on their jobs instead. Employers enforce this by keying in specific words that may allow the user to access or be blocked off at work. For example, employers can disable social websites or dating websites from being seen by entering words related to them. Any user that accesses these words or sites with these words are prevented from viewing them. The more key words there are, the more the user has limited or no access whatsoever. The blocked websites can be anything the employer deems inappropriate at work.

Some users have found out that by using a proxy website they can access these banned sites easily. Using a web based proxy is like opening another page in the web browser. By using web based proxy, users don't need any technical knowledge. All they have to do is go to the proper URL. Web based proxy does not need to be installed and this saves users from actually tweaking the PC they are using. In short, less hassle, less problems.

In the end, users have the final say on how they would use this ability to surf unseen. Sometimes you have to practice restraint when the temptation to free surf becomes too strong to resist.