free socks5 proxy for utorrent

One of the commonly used proxy servers by computer users to establish good, fast, and reliable connection to the Internet, SOCKS stands for Secured Over Credential-based Kerberos Services. SOCKS has different protocols, which are popular to clients who maintain sophisticated computer networks. One of the efficient protocols of this computer program that many people find very useful is SOCKS5. For those who want to maximize the benefits from using this computer application, it is necessary that they have ideas about the functionalities of SOCKS5 proxy. In addition, it is also important that clients know the advantages of this proxy over other servers.

free socks5 proxy for utorrent

Quick Glance at the Proxy

SOCKS5 proxy was created or developed to enhance the functionalities or capabilities of SOCKS4 proxy. Since this computer program is more sophisticated and useful than other SOCKS protocols, computer users will find it more reliable and efficient. One of the advantages of this proxy server over SOCKS4 is that it provides clients with numerous authentication choices. Additionally, it has the capacity to support User Datagram Protocol, as well as Internet Protocol version 6, which are commonly used by clients for searches using Domain Name System. When it comes to the starting handshake of this protocol, clients can send or forward different messages to the server. Moreover, this server provides response that are the same with those in SOCKS4 protocol so clients can easily understand or interpret them.

Advantages of the Computer Program

In terms of the utility of SOCKS5 proxy, many computer users find it very easy to use because there are no firewalls involved when it negotiates with other servers regarding file transfers. Another important thing about this proxy server is that it uses public Internet Protocol so clients and servers are always able to establish connection with each other. Above all, this computer program is greatly encouraged to computer users who only need peer to peer file transfers.

Special Programs Supported By the Proxy Server

It is important that SOCKS5 proxy server configure the settings of their web browsers to maximize the uses of this computer program. As soon as they configure the browsers appropriately, they can instantly and easily log in and access the Internet. Other special computer programs supported by this application that clients commonly use when accessing the Internet are Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, and ICQ. For the convenience of computer users, it also supports NEC Sockscap and CuteFTP.

List of the Available Proxy Server

For those who want to use free SOCKS5 proxy servers, there are some websites that provide list of the programs that they can use. However, countries have different available proxy servers so clients should have a closer look on which regions these servers are useful. For instance, these are the useful SOCKS5 proxies in China,,, and Meanwhile, for computer users in the U.S., the proxy that they can freely use is For clients in South Korea, the two servers available are and 211.239.90. Finally, computer users in Russian Federation can use freely as their proxy server.