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The Most Producing Android Bitcoin Mining App of 2020

The Most Producing Android Bitcoin Mining App of 2020

Today's smartphones are not prestigious items used for gaming and social media. But behind the capabilities of a smart phone, we can benefit without having to damage it.

Some of the Android and iPhone bitcoin mining applications are considered very promising. Including one of the best bitcoin generating applications on Android 2019-2020.

Mining Using Android Phones

What are the capabilities of a smartphone that we can use? In general, smartphones are used for business purposes. Among them are building relationships with customers through social media.

As a tool to promote business, both jada and goods. Most are paid for the application by watching. And the last one is rarely used, namely using the bitcoin mining application on Android and iPhone.

Mining is the mining activity of crypto currency (cryptocurrency) which was previously mined via computer. Along with technological developments, the use of gadgets has enlivened the mining pool so mining can use cellphones.

In addition, the processors used in high-end gadgets can speed up coin earning. There are some great ways to take advantage of a smartphone that is no longer being used. Usually because of the small screen size, it is not used anymore. This phone can be used and useful for getting crypto.

How can you make it easier for us to use your unused or rarely used cell phone?


Minergate is an open mining pool where people use their computers to add hashing power to thousands of other miners. Minergate is available for download and use with a PC or laptop. But unfortunately the Minergate bitcoin mining pool was closed last April 2019.

Now Minergate is available as a mobile application to control mining remotely via smartphone. In this application there are several cryptocurrencies that can be selected to be mined.

How to Use Minergate

If the cellphone is not used for activities, use the High setting, but it will quickly drain the battery. If you are using a cell phone, set it to Low. What coins to choose to mine on a mobile? Choose Monero (XMR) coins because the selling value is the highest in its class.

Why can't I mine bitcoin on my phone? It is important to know that bitcoin mining apps on Android are very unlikely. Some applications that offer bitcoin mining on mobile devices use the monero cryptonote algorithm.

The Monero coins obtained are then converted into Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is currently only possible via a computer with a high graphics card. At least you need 30 million capital per mining rig.

So, the one that has the most potential to generate cryptocurrency on android is the Monero coin. It may take a long time to collect Monero coins, but there are practical ways that can earn you a long time. The following is an explanation that can be used as long-term income and investment.

Cloud Mining Bitcoin on Minergate

On the Minergate website, cloud mining is available, meaning we rent mining equipment for Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, Zcash, Ethereum Classic, Bytecoin, Litecoin, Monero, Monero Classic.

Unfortunately the Minergate mining pool for bitcoin has closed as its profits have decreased. However, the mining proceeds can then be converted into Bitcoin.

This rental fee is only paid once, then we just sit back and receive income every month. Because the operational and maintenance costs will be deducted from the coins generated, so we no longer pay anything.

Only once you pay, the results of this automated cryptocurrency mining will continue for years. Our estimate is that we will get 60 percent of the yield, while 40 percent is used for surgery.

This website provides only Ethereum cloud mining, Bitcoin Gold, Zcash, Ethereum Classic, Bytecoin, Litecoin, Monero, Monero Classic. Cloud mining equipment is limited, so it is possible to close offers someday.

They are also inexpensive, cloud mining bitcoins start at 5 dollars, and Monero 11 dollars. The coins generated can later be reinvested to improve cloud mining. For those who are interested in bitcoin mining applications on Android, they must first register for free at Minergate.