list of real credit card numbers

The serial number on the credit card plays an important role, namely to identify the card provider, bank and account information, and to provide security check services.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, is the only organization that can assign credit card serial numbers to certain networks such as Visa, MasterCard, Bank of America, or JP Morgan Chase.

When the card is swiped at the EDC terminal, the terminal then uses magnetic tape to identify the route of the transaction through the card network, then recognizes the financial institution registered on the card so that the transaction can be authorized.

Every card, regardless of which credit card network or bank, must adopt the Luhn algorithm system, which can determine the validity of a credit card. Luhn's algorithm is a mathematical algorithm where the combination of several numbers must be added to the number whose result is 0.

In general, the first or second digit of a credit or debit card indicates the card provider, then the digit after that determines the currency used, the transaction processing bank, to the individual account number.

However, more specifically, some networks operate slightly differently, including:

1. American Express

list of real credit card numbers

American Express uses the first 2 digits to identify themselves. The 3rd and 4th digits indicate the type of card and currency used. The next six digits represent the account number, while the 12 to 14 digits represent the card number.
The last digit is a check digit, a random number used to protect against mistakes and crimes.


VISA cards use almost the same formula as American Express, although there are slight differences, but not much.
The first digit given for VISA is number 4. The 2nd to 7th digit is the number that connects VISA with financial institutions.

Then numbers 7 to 15 (12 digits) are account numbers, so the last number must be the test number.

3. MasterCard

If you observe, then all credit cards, or mastercard debit cards, use the number 5 in the first digit, this is the card identification number for MasterCard.
Then, the 2nd and 3rd numbers, 2nd and 4th numbers, or 2nd and 5th numbers, represent the bank numbers.

Followed after, namely the 3rd, 4th, or 5th digit, to 15th is the account number, while the last or 16th number is the examination digit.

4. Other cards

For other cards, there are separate rules too. Example: Find a card that starts with 6 in the first digit and is 16 digits long, an oil card that starts with 7, and an airline card that starts with the number 1.

This way, you will recognize the plastic card you have, right? Whether it's a credit card, debit card, or ATM card.