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How to Get Free Bitcoin Fast

BTC or Bitcoin is currently being discussed more and more as a potential online business. For those who don't know, Bitcoin is a type of virtual currency that is quite expensive. Even though the price is expensive, that doesn't mean Bitcoin can't be obtained for free. There are several ways to get free bitcoins fast.

How to Get Free Bitcoin Fast

For your information, the price of Bitcoin continues to increase every year. This is what makes more and more people choose to invest with this electronic currency. Apart from that, investing with Bitcoin is also known to be more secure, and decentralized. Don't linger, here are some ways to get free bitcoins quickly and easily:

1. Play the Faucet

The first way is to play the Faucet. Only by completing captcha verification, this Faucet player can immediately claim free Bitcoin. To be able to play this Faucet you only need internet network capital. Here are some of the best Bitcoin Faucets you can try:

Freebitcoin, is the most recommended Bitcoin Faucet. Faucet players can claim free bitcoins every 1 hour. This faucet provides multiple jackpot games up to 1 BTC with a 50% referral commission.

Cointiply, is another Bitcoin Faucet option. Cointiply players can get free Bitcoin using BTC rolls. Also, to earn free Bitcoin through Cointiply, you can do it by filling out surveys, clicking on ads, and much more.

2. Click Ads

Make no mistake, just clicking on the ad can also get free Bitcoin. You do this by waiting for the ad for 10 to 30 seconds then filling in the captcha verification after the ad has finished loading. Here are some recommendations for sites where advertising is paid to use Bitcoin:

Adbtc, just by seeing ads for 10 to 30 seconds through this website you can immediately get free Bitcoin. This site provides many types of advertisements every day, with a referral commission of 10%.

Qoinad, through this website just by clicking as many as 25 ads or more every day you can also get free Bitcoin. The referral commission bonus is 20% while the minimum withdrawal is 23k satoshis.

3. Mining Bitcoin

To get free bitcoins, you can do Bitcoin mining. This method requires almost no capital, and can be done through many devices (Android / PC). Where are the websites that can be used to mine Bitcoin? Here are the best recommendations:

Cryptotab is a website where you can try mining Bitcoin. The way to mine Bitcoin on this website is simply to open the website, register using email, then start mining. Only then can you do roaming mining or let it run on its own.

Kryptex is also a website for free bitcoin mining. Users don't need to invest or save just yet. Through this website users can get free bitcoins by mining quickly.

4. Cloud Mining

Is an activity to mine bitcoin by renting a contract or renting a tool. The trick is to pay a certain amount of money according to the contract purchased. This cloud mining can help you get free Bitcoin without the need for too much capital. There are several websites that can be used.

There are already popular Cryptouniverse that can provide cheap rent for Bitcoin mining tools. Apart from that, there is GenesisMining which is known to still pay bitcoins for free.

5. Trade

The next way to get free bitcoins fast is by trading. The basic principle of bitcoin trading is to buy when the price is low and sell it when the price tends to go up. Later, the difference in buying and selling can be exchanged for Bitcoin. There are several websites that offer Bitcoin trading.