Free Paxum Card: about Paxum debit card

Many commission payment methods can be made on the internet. Some of the most popular include moneybookers, Paypal, AlertPay and e-currencies such as Webmoney and Liberty Reserve. Commission payments made it easier for affiliates to receive commission payments, whereas previously only wire transfers (for a small fee) or checks (with a long and complicated waiting process) were available.

The world of finance started moving forward when Payoneer emerged and became a revolutionary way to receive commissions via a debit card with a mastercard logo that you can put into local bank ATMs to withdraw cash. Around the same time, the Paxum debit card appeared and it also offered convenience to affiliate program players. Like a halved betel nut, Paxum also provides free mastercard debit cards for its members. The difference is, Paxum also functions as an e-wallet with a virtual checking account when you register (More WoW).

Paxum Mastercard Prepaid is an optional way to withdraw funds from your e-wallet. One more difference with its predecessor Payoneer, in Paxum there are no monthly fees and is replaced with an annual bill of around $ 44.95 which is deducted if there is a balance (if it is calculated down is 3.75 / month).

Besides that, you can easily get a Paxum debit card, please just register for free, register here then select a personal account. If you have registered, immediately verify your identity and address.

The simple steps for registering paxum are as follows:

1. To verify the address (Proof of Address) send a scanned SIM (Driving License) to a friend.

2. For identity verification (Proof of Identity) send a scan of your friend's KTP (both must be valid).

3. Nothing blurry, black blocks or edits.

4. Camera shots (if there is no scanner) must have good resolution and the data can be read clearly.

5. Don't cut it to fit the margins of your driver's license or ID card, leave a little area (outside) above the bottom left and right of your friend's SIM or KTP.

6. If the two verifications above have been completed, and there has been no email reply from Paxum, it means that your scan is rejected or does not meet the requirements, immediately send another verification so that your Paxum account is verified.

Here's an illustration if your Paxum account has been verified:

To order a Paxum debit card, please buddy. Click Apply For Card on the menu in the top right corner. Just wait, everything is free (free), postage is also free. If you want to come quickly you have to pay expensive express shipping costs (almost $ 100), if you want free it will take a long time to arrive in Indonesia (can be a month or two)


The average affiliate program that provides payments via Payoneer now also provides other options via Paxum (many of which are adult affiliates like Totemcash).