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Free bitcoin auto mining site

Not only as a Bitcoin investor, but you can also get cryptocurrency through the following trusted free Bitcoin mining sites.

Besides being able to get Bitcoin by buying various cryptocurrency exchanges, you can also get the most valuable cryptocurrency on a trusted free Bitcoin mining site which has been summarized by the Magic editor below.

Free bitcoin auto mining site

Bitcoin is a crypto currency that most investors have been hunting until recently, how could it not be? The price of 1 Bitcoin (as of 5/5/2020) is at the level of IDR 133,000,000. Many investors invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies so as not to support a decline in exchange rates.

This is also inseparable from the policy and legality of cryptocurrency itself in a country. Currently, many countries have reported that cryptocurreny is legal, such as Vietnam, France, the Netherlands, Malta, Germany, the United States, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and many other countries.

In Indonesia, buying and selling Bitcoin is legally and officially allowed on the Indonesian futures exchange. Thus, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have certainty regulated by Bappebti, and fall into commodity categories such as gold, rubber, coffee, and palm oil.

This legality is important and needed by investors in developing safe investment products. Apart from being a Bitcoin investor, you can also become a Bitcoin miner.

Currently, the costs you need to spend to do single mining are not worth or not worth the Bitcoin you are getting. The reason is, you need to prepare hardware with special specifications to mine this way.

However, for those of you who want to mine Bitcoin, you can take advantage of trusted free or paid Bitcoin mining sites that are currently widely available on the internet. Usually free Bitcoin mining sites are cloud mining.

So, you no longer need to pay such a large fee just to carry out your activities as a Bitcoin miner. You only need a smartphone, computer and internet to run it. The following is a list of free Bitcoin mining sites that you can use when mining Bitcoin:

List of Trusted Free Bitcoin Mining Sites


This platform is a free Bitcoin mining site, you can register on this site for free by:

Register yourself directly to the Eobot site.

Don't forget to fill out the form correctly.

After that you need to verify your email.

Log in and search for "Products".

Click Faucet to get Gh.

If you want to get up to speed with producing Bitcoin, you can choose to subscribe to the Eobot site. And, get the added facility of increased speed (Ghs) to generate more free and faster Bitcoin.

Micro BTS

Cloud mining services are intended for various groups who want to get Bitcoin for free without having to have special hardware specifications.

Apart from Eobot, you can also mine Bitcoin at Mirco BTS, by choosing the free plan that will give miners 30 Ghs speed and a lifetime contract and can generate free Bitcoin.

Crypto Mining Farm

The next Bitcoin cloud mining site, is Crypto Mining Farms, this platform was developed in Thailand. Where, Thailand itself has legalized buying and selling cryptocurrency.

You can take advantage of this free cloud mining service to get Bitcoin for free, those of you who have just joined Crypto Mining Farms will be given a speed of 50 Ghs for life.

If you want to upgrade the mining package on this platform to get more and faster Bitcoin. You can pay subscription fees on a monthly, annual, and lifetime basis.

Mining Farm

This free cloud mining site will give you 100 Ghs speed for you as a new user. To get Bitcoin fast, you can add a mining feature and activate it in the My Inventory menu.


On this trusted free bitcoin mining site you will be awarded 20 Ghs. Not only that, but Bitzfree also provides additional points of 10% for each entry.

But before you enter the Bitzfree site, you will first check whether it is a robot or not. This is done only to ensure the safety of the site and its users.

Apart from that, you also get additional speed in mining by following some of their campaigns such as becoming followers on social media and so on.


The way the Bitcoin mining system works is by generating Bitcoin when you use Google Chrome. To take advantage of this service, you only need to download an extension for Google Chrome.

And, you can use it to mine Bitcoin. This service is also still being doubted by various miners. This is because CryptoTab can only be mined via the browser GPU and not through the browser CPU. Therefore, using GPU with certain specifications can increase the speed of web browsing and mining in CryptoTab.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Trusted Free Bitcoin Mining Site Services

Doing free Bitcoin mining through cloud mining has both benefits and risks for miners including:

Benefits of Cloud Mining

If you run mining activities through cloud mining, you will get several benefits, namely:

The cost that you need to spend is very minimal compared to solo mining which requires hardware with special specifications.

There's no need to monitor your hardware 24 hours a day. The reason is, everything has been supervised by the cloud mining service provider itself. So, you are free to leave the house whenever you want.

Cloud Mining risks

On the other hand, with the ease of accessing cloud mining services today, it turns out that you also have the potential to experience losses and risks as follows:

Experienced Identity Hacking, scams and more.

Mining contracts with cloud mining providers can be terminated at any time due to the inappropriate Bitcoin price. So, it all depends on the volatility of the crypto market.

Because if the Bitcoin price fell that deep, the company would no longer be able to finance the company's operations as a whole.

Here is a list of 6 trusted free Bitcoin mining sites that you can try to use to profit from Bitcoin mining activities on these sites. Apart from that, you can also get Bitcoin for free in other ways such as faucets and airdrops.

However, if you choose a paid Bitcoin mining site. Things that you need to make sure include; Service providers must be established, mobile applications available, and high Pay Per Share (PPS).