BitPay Now Offers Crypto Payment Cards in the United States

 A few years ago, crypto debit cards were very easy to get. Currently, things have changed significantly, although the newcomers have tried one more time.

BitPay is known as a Bitcoin payment processor.

BitPay Card Now Available

BitPay Now Offers Crypto Payment Cards in the United States

Instead of sticking with the business, the company has decided to explore several different options.

One such business comes in the form of issuing prepaid debit cards.

Instead of using Visa, BitPay chose to provide a Mastercard branded payment option.

An attractive option, despite the intense competition among card issuers is always a good thing.

As part of this new venture, the card will be known as the BitPay Card.

Users will prefund their card with cryptocurrency, and it can be converted to fiat, which is then "used" to spend.

It is also one of the few cards available to clients in the United States.

Combined with the mobile app, users can fund their cards via Bitcoin, BCH, Ethereum, XRP and several stablecoins.

In terms of limitations, there is a balance limit of $ 25,000 and withdrawals are limited to $ 6,000 per day.

All cards are provided through the Metropolitan Commercial Bank, headquartered in New York City.