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BitPay introduces prepaid MasterCard

BitPay has just launched a new product. I'm talking about prepaid MasterCard cards that can be activated kryptowalutami.

BitPay introduces prepaid MasterCard

New BitPay product

A card known as the BitPay Card, this is a prepaid card that will only enter the US market for now.

They can be funded with a traditional currency, the dollar, which users can then exchange for digital currency.

The top-up is immediate and has a daily limit of $ 10,000. There are no additional fees for transferring funds.

BitPay supports the following cryptocurrencies such as BTC, BHC, ETH, XRP, and stablecoins: GUSD, USD, PAX, and BUSD.


Apart from those mentioned above, BitPay cards have other useful functions.

One of those special EMV chips is meant for contactless payments.

In addition, BitPay Card users get the ability to lock, monitor their spending, access the virtual version, as well as the possibility to exchange the cryptocurrency of the BitPay portfolio for dollars. This card, in turn, can be transferred to a MasterCard card, which is supported in most countries of the world.

You can also use it to withdraw cash from an ATM, but in this case you have to take into account additional fees - 2.50 USD commission and 3% commission in case of currency exchange. You can withdraw cash up to a maximum of USD 2000.

Other uses

Through Google Chrome, BitPay Cardholders can make payments in traditional currency on certain websites, using cryptocurrencies stored in the wallet. These are, for example, sites like Amazon oraz iron suitcase.

It should not be forgotten that cryptocurrency is not accepted everywhere as a means of payment. Therefore, to spend it, sometimes it is necessary to exchange it for traditional money. Therefore, BitPay offers access to a system that ensures the implementation of this process and the possibility of using the funds stored on the card.