About Paxum: 5 must-have online payment media

 Online Media Payment

Lots of online payment media today that we can use to be able to cash out the stages or commissions that we get online from network affiliates, freelance work, online sales or "online. Here are some of the most important online payments you must have:

1. Paypal

Paypal can be said to be the largest and most popular online payment media in the world, almost everyone must have heard of this one payment medium. Paypal has processed more than 4 billion dollars in 2011, we can make payments using a credit card linked to a paypal account. We can also make withdrawals to local banks after we have linked our local bank account to our paypal account. Paypal charges around 2.9% of the total transaction + $ 0.30 per transaction and there are no monthly fees.

2. Payoneer

Payoneer can be said to be a new payment medium in online media but has experienced an increase in performance and quality because it offers features that Paypal doesn't have, such as prepaid cards that are connected to a Payoneer account, saving in various currencies, accepting payments from various major countries by check. or wire (Japan, United States, United Kingdom, etc.). In Payoneer you can also have more than 1 prepaid card in various currencies, this feature is not owned by Paypal and the most extraordinary is the fee that Payoneer charges every time you receive funds is 1%, you could say this fee is the smallest from the payment provider other. We also connect our Payoneer to our online shop, Amazon and so on. Register now and get Payoneer benefits to start your online business.

3. Paxum

Paxum has features that are more or less the same as Paypal, but not as popular as paypal, the transactional paypal is arguably faster. Paxum accepts online payments, wire transfers to more than 50 local bank accounts, Virtual Accounts for the United States and European Union similar to Payoneer, sends money to various types of Visa and Mastercard. Paxum offers a free monthly fee when using or making transactions with a minimum of $ 5 for 6 months and a fee of approximately 0.5% for EUR currency and 1% for USD currency for transactions outside the UK. Paxum also offers Prepaid Cards for various currencies such as USD, Pounds, etc. Very similar to Payoneer.

4. Stripe

Stripe is also an online payment medium, but they are more focused on developing APIs on their website. They provide various solutions for web developers who wish to integrate payment systems into their website projects using the Powerful API System. With a variety of traditional registration processes, stripe acts as a merchant account for the provider, handling all PCI compliance and their merchant approvals.

5. WePay

WePay is one of the most popular online payment media, on Wepay you can add credit card and online bank accounts and make payments online. WePay itself is more focused on the end user. They recently added an e-store page to their service page to help customers easily withdraw their payments (such as online tickets, digital products, online donations, etc.) through the services they provide. The downside of WePay is that the fees they charge consumers are quite high, namely 3.5% per transaction (with a minimum of $ 0.5) for credit card transactions and $ 0.5 for payments or withdrawals to local banks. Pros: No monthly fees, no need for strange setups or configurations as you can use them as soon as you finish registering and verifying your email.