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7 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin in 2021

How to Get Free Bitcoin. This is something that can be done. Many people want to get bitcoin easily. One of the most popular ways is to join programs on the internet.

1. Register and Watch Video Ads on Permission.io!

Want to get free crypto? Immediately register yourself at Permission.io!

Permission.io exists as a decentralized service provider that gives its users complete control over privately owned data. By registering at Permission.io, you not only get 100 ASK coins directly, you can freely shop for personal items at Permission.io's Shop & Earn without fear of having your data stolen!

What's more, just by watching a video ad from Permission.io or by sharing your referral link you will also earn additional ASK coins. Register and enjoy the benefits!

2. Take a Quiz about Remitano

7 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin in 2021

Remitano is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform available online. This platform can be accessed via the official website or from a smartphone.

Remitano itself allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency while trading using an intermediate escrow system for added security.
The cryptocurrencies available on this platform include BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, USDT, and XRP.

At Remitano, you can get USDT for free by taking a quiz. You can then use USDT to convert them to Bitcoin.

3. Airdrop

Airdrop is a marketing strategy by distributing free coins or tokens to users. Airdrops are usually done by new projects / companies that want to enter the market and require a lot of users to register and find out about their project. These coins or tokens can later be sold, and used to buy Bitcoin. Therefore, airdropping can be a way to get free BTC.

You can check Coinvest's Free Bitcoin page for the latest airdrops

4. Bounty Program

Almost like Airdrop, a bounty program is a marketing strategy by distributing coins or tokens to users. The difference is in the bounty program, users must complete a task in accordance with predetermined conditions. This task can be in the form of sharing a referral link or posting something on a user's social media account. The token will then be given to the Bitcoin address you specified at the start of the program.

5. Cloud Mining

Unlike regular mining which has to spend money to buy a bitcoin mining machine, with cloud mining you only need to log in to a site that provides mining services with a dedicated server. There are many cloud mining sites that you can use as a way to get free Bitcoin.

One of them is by using MinerGate, a mining application for digital currencies, including BTC, which can be mined via mobile phones.

6. Trade Competition

New crypto asset exchanges or exchanges often hold Bitcoin trading competitions with attractive prizes, and often prizes in the form of Bitcoin. Trading competitions are competitions held by exchange platforms with an assessment of how much volume of digital assets you are trading within a certain time limit.

You only need to register on an exchange that holds competitions, trade according to the conditions, and you already have the opportunity to get free Bitcoin.

7. BTC Spinner

Not long ago, the crypto community was excited about the BTC Spinner app. This app allows you to collect Bitcoin by simply spinning the spinner toys on their site. To use BTC Spinner, you can visit the Bitcoin Spinner site. The collected Bitcoin must reach a certain limit before you make a withdrawal to your Bitcoin address.