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5 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin 2020

This Bitcoin allows you to send or receive money only via the internet. In addition, Bitcoin can also be cashed into rupiah. Bitcoin to rupiah exchange can be done through the exchanger site or by coming directly to a Bitcoin ATM.

5 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin 2020

The difference between Bitcoin and a national currency is that they are in limited supply, unlike the national currencies that the country's central bank can continue to issue. Bitcoin only has a total supply of 21 million which is controlled by the underlying algorithm. Besides, Bitcoin does not have a single institution controlling its network.

Transactions for Bitcoin and other crypto assets are also irreversible, which is different from other national currencies. The Bitcoin system also doesn't have a central validator which makes you a semi-anonymous user. When sending or transferring, the system only checks if you have Bitcoin to send and does not check identity.

How to Get Bitcoin

Receiving Bitcoin from Other Users

The first way to get Bitcoin is to receive it from other users. This is certainly the easiest way for beginners. This method can be applied because its function can be compared to conventional money in general as a medium of exchange for all types of transactions.

As technology has become more sophisticated, Bitcoin can now be transferred like cash in general. The trick is to use a Bitcoin Wallet Address. This way, you can get it without the previous capital.

Mining Bitcoin

Mining or mining is one way to get Bitcoin that is not too difficult to implement. However, the drawback of this mining method cannot be done individually or with several users simultaneously. However, its use is very flexible.

For Bitcoin mining, users need to equip multiple devices in hardware and software. But the most important thing is that you have to understand how the system works to know whether you have successfully supported this mining method or not.

How to Get Bitcoin

The next way to get Bitcoin is by airdrops. This is one of the company's trading strategies to provide free cryptocurrency without any prior terms or conditions.

Usually the requirements that need to be done are like following the company's Twitter account or retweeting posts and so on. However, by using airdrops, these conditions do not have to be met. Cryptocurrency can be exchanged into rupiah currency through various exchange sites on the internet.

Bitcoin Affiliate

Bitcoin affiliates are links to promote something. Later users will post the link on their website and get a reward in the form of Bitcoin on every impression.

How to get Bitcoin is quite easy to implement. These links can easily be found on various rupiah currency exchange sites. There are two categories of crypto exchanges, from Fiat money to crypto and from crypto to crypto. These things must be understood, especially for beginner players.

How to Get Bitcoin

Writing About Cryptocurrency

The next way to get free Bitcoin is to write about cryptocurrency. For those of you who have writing skills, this method is highly recommended to be obtained free of charge.

Currently, the crypto world already has news sites that contain various kinds of news in them. Playing Bitcoin is indeed an easy matter as long as you understand how, one of which is by trading Bitcoin every day. You should also keep up with the latest Bitcoin news on tricks, tips and selling prices.

Buy Bitcoin

Apart from how to get Bitcoin for free, of course you can also buy it. Previously, you had to download a Bitcoin wallet to make transactions. Then, you have to create an account to exchange cryptocurrency provided by your Bitcoin wallet provider.

Usually, you can make an exchange using a debit, credit card, or PayPal. Some of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange markets are Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Coinbase, and Coinmama.

Those are some ways to get Bitcoin for free or by buying it. Bitcoin is a currency in digital form, so Bitcoin has the same function as conventional money. This digital money can also be used for transactions of services and goods. To use it, you must first understand the various regulations, so that it is safer to transact using Bitcoin.