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2 How to get free amazon or itunes gift cards 2020

Here are two free ways to get an Amazon gift card or an iTunes gift card. They take a little effort on your part, but it costs nothing - just passion and dedication to want to do things right.

1. Bing Rewards

Pay close attention to Google Search because you will never see it again. Your new internet friend is Bing. I've been using Bing for several years. I can testify that it is as good as Google for daily use and I search the web at least 40 to 50 times per day if not more.

But more importantly, Bing rewards you if you use it enough. With your Microsoft account, you can sign up for the Bing Rewards program (free) to start earning points as you search. You earn one point for every two searches, up to 15 points per day from your computer and up to 10 points per day from your phone. (That's right, change your search engine too.) You can also complete the daily quick search quiz to get three extra points and complete other small tasks for bonuses.

2 How to get free amazon or itunes gift cards 2020

When you collect enough points, you can redeem rewards. The $ 5 Amazon gift card is worth 525 points, although if you level up enough in the quest this comes down to the 475 points I have marked over the years. Many other gift and gift cards are also available: Starbucks gift cards, ad-free Outlook.com, Xbox Live Gold membership, GameStop gift cards, Hulu gift cards, and more.

Note: iTunes Gift Cards are not available from Bing gifts. If that's what you're looking for, then skip the Swagbucks section below.

I've earned 8,339 points for life - that's an Amazon gift card worth $ 85. I tend to get a new $ 5 gift card every five to six weeks, which isn't really that bad.

To sign up for Bing Rewards, go to bing.com and sign in with your Microsoft account at the top right. Once you are logged in, click the reward icon right next to it and click Join Bing Rewards.

To redeem your accumulated points, click the reward icon again in the upper right corner of Bing, then click the Bing Rewards header.

In the navigation bar, click Redeem and select the gift you want. For our purposes, I'll be choosing a $ 5 Amazon Gift Card.

Click the blue Redeem button then Confirm and order my gift once your account and shipping information are ready. (Gift cards arrive by email.)


Swagbucks is another service that lets you earn lots of points in the same way as Bing Rewards, except that Swagbucks has a much larger variety of activities to complete. It also has more prizes.

If you want, you can do a web search via Swagbucks, an easy and convenient way to earn points without thinking, but many other options are available. You can play sponsored games, take quizzes, shop through various affiliate sites, watch videos and more. Each activity earns you points at a different level, usually anywhere from one to three per task completed.

The fastest way I can find to get a free gift with minimal effort is to sign up for an Audible subscription for just $ 1.When you sign up through Swagbucks for a month, you immediately earn 800 points - that's pretty good for a $ 5 gift card and one gift card. $ 3. Looks like I got a $ 7 gift card for free. Plus, you get more points by staying subscribed. Just look for Audible in the Stores section.

Visit swagbucks.com to sign up for free. To redeem the points you collect, click Rewards under Redeem your SB in the sidebar. Browse the available awards or continue by searching for Amazon gift cards or iTunes gift cards.

Click the gift you want, then click Snag! This green! button and fill in your information to receive it.

Note: Gift cards arrive under My Gift Cards in your account and sometimes take a few days, plus up to a week before being officially posted for redemption.

Here they are, two free services to get you free stuff - namely Amazon impulse gift cards and iTunes. Yes, they take a lot of time and a little effort on your part, but if you stick with them consistently, everything will flow in.