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How to get free paypal money from the Yogo Video application

Currently, many internet users are starting to make money from their smartphones, especially in looking for free Paypal dollars.

Paypal is an online wallet / wallet where we store money in dollars which we can use for online buying / selling transactions around the world.

Because Paypal is a wallet, meaning that we have to fill Paypal with dollars so that it can be used for buying / selling transactions.

To fill Paypal with dollars there are 2 ways, namely by sending our money in the real world to Paypal or you can also get Paypal dollars for free in the way below.

Well, in this article I will give you how to get paypal dollars for free. Surely you want it, right? who doesn't want it for free?

There are many ways to get free dollars that we can find on the internet but most of them are very difficult to do.

How To Get Free Paypal Dollars Through The Application

There are many applications that you can use to get free Paypal money and they have an easier task. One of them is the Yogo Video application.

This application can provide free Paypal dollars by doing the missions that have been provided there. Hah! Mission? What is the mission? don't want ah! later the mission will be weird!

do not prejudice first, it is still not explained, so from reading first to finish then comment.

Take it easy, the mission is not strange, here the main mission you can do is just watching the video.

In my opinion, the mission is not difficult and in fact this mission is the easiest and most suitable for those of you who are relaxing while watching videos on Yogo and getting more money.

Below I will explain how to get free paypal dollars from the Yogo Video application.

Do the steps below in order and when applying it directly so as not to get confused,

Get dollars from the Yogo Video application

The first step you have to download the YOGO VIDEO application on the Playstore so that it can run on your Android.

Then just click on the words "Sign in with Google / Sign in with Facebook"

You can also get extra points

The trick is you just click the "reward" menu then do the mission that has been provided.

There are lots of missions provided. But here I will give an example of how to complete one of the missions that generates the most coins with an easy task, namely by entering the code only.

enter the code "181770311" then click "Bingo", by entering the code beside you will get an additional 1000 coins.

After you wait for 1-3 days, the dollars that you withdraw from the Yogo Video application will automatically go to your Paypal wallet and your Paypal wallet will be filled with dollars.

How easy is it not to find free Paypal dollars? if there is a free one why look for one that pays, really?

Hopefully the information I have provided can be of use to you, especially it can make it easier for you to make money.