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Full review From FNBO M life Rewards Mastercard

 Summary of Card Benefits

The following are the main marketing points for this card:

Cards get at the following rates:

3x points for every $ 1 spent on M life Rewards Destination

2x points per $ 1 spent on gas and in supermarkets

1x point per $ 1 spent elsewhere

1 Level Credit for each point earned

Signup bonus: 10,000 points after spending $ 1,000 in the first 3 billing cycles

Priority hotel check-in at M life Rewards Destination

Automatic upgrade to Pearl status which includes…

Free self-parking at Las Vegas M life Rewards Destination

The buffet line passes at Las Vegas M life Rewards Destination

No Foreign Transaction Fees

No annual fees

Points earned from M life Rewards MasterCard can be exchanged for FREEPLAY® or Express Comps ™ for use in rooms, dining and entertainment

How Much are Points Worth?

There's no point knowing how many points this card gets unless we know what these points can actually be used for. As mentioned in the marketing materials, these points can be exchanged for 'FREEPLAY® or Express Comps ™'. If you're anything like me, you probably don't know what that means.

Express compensation is basically considered a resort credit, if something can be charged to your room it can be paid for with an express resort credit. They officially define it as' Real Time Express Company is the fastest and most convenient way for game members to organize themselves in M ​​life hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. If a member plays at a slot machine and wants to eat or wants to buy a show ticket, they can use their M life card to instantly redeem prizes at participating venues. Express Comps appears as dollars, making exchanges transparent and simple '

Freeplay is basically gambling credit. They can be used in most slot games and video poker.

1 Mlife point equals 1 ¢, regardless of whether you use it for express play or free play (although this is definitely not as good as cash). This means a sign-up bonus worth a maximum of $ 100 and cards earn a maximum of 3% for life purposes M and 2% for gas & supermarkets and 1% for all other purchases.

You can earn more with other credit cards for fuel purchases, supermarket purchases & also unused expenses. Also keep in mind that you need to exchange a minimum of 1,000 points ($ 10) when using it for Express companies. There's also a $ 5,000 limit for express companies (or $ 10,000 if you have Noir status).


The only real advantage this card offers (apart from the sign-up bonuses and bonus categories mentioned above) is status. You get the following:

Pearl Auto Status as long as your card is active and in good standing

Earn tier 1 credit per M lifetime reward points earned (for example if you spend $ 1 at the grocery store you will earn 2 tier credit)

Pearl Status

Usually Pearl status requires that you earn 25,000 tier credits. This is the second lowest status (Safir is the basic status that anyone receives when registering). It comes with the following benefits:

Free self-parking at Las Vegas M life Rewards Destination

The buffet line passes at Las Vegas M life Rewards Destination

10% bonus for points and Express Comps

10% discount at participating retail stores