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Free credit card numbers - How to get and create one

How to get VCC and make VCC free. Do you currently need a VCC (Virtual Credit Card)? If so, then you are in the right place. Because here I will share how to get and create a free VCC for you.

Making a credit card is not easy, there are various conditions needed to have a credit card. In addition, of course, there are still many feelings of laziness because you have to come to certain banks and queue to get a credit card.

There are many reasons why we need a credit card, especially for internet users who frequently shop online or run online businesses, or for reasons of activating a PayPal account so that it can be fully used.

Before we get into the core discussion, let's learn together what is meant by a VCC or virtual credit card below. In this discussion, I will also teach you how to create a free VCC.

What is VCC or Virtual Credit Card?

VCC stands for Virtual Credit Card, VCC comes from Virtual Card Technology which comes from Card Not Present Idea. VCC is sometimes referred to as a virtual debit card. Virtual Credit Card is useful when you don't want to use your real bank details on the website. You can also use it to buy a wide variety of products from international sites.

Simply put, VCC is a credit card without a physical plastic card like an ATM card that we often encounter, but you will only get the name of the credit card holder, both card numbers, CVV numbers which are all virtual and all online. Where this VCC can only be used for online transactions.

You can top up your VCC (virtual credit card) balance via local bank account transfer or international bank account transfer, and other easier methods such as transferring funds from someone else's credit or debit card.

Another advantage of VCC is that it can be used internationally without disclosing your personal or banking data. However the vcc provider will have your billing address with them.

Where Can You Get VCC?

Currently there are so many VCC service providers scattered on the internet, one of which is entropay. Some of them allow us to create an account and issue VCC for free, but for each transaction they will charge a fee like 1.9% to 4.5% of your account. This percentage varies by provider and will be the lower percentile once the amount you are transferring is higher than their limit.

You can also buy VCC from various websites in Indonesia, or from online forums. Usually they offer VCC prices between 60 thousand to 150 thousand, depending on how many years of VCC active period you want.

Why do you need a free VCC (virtual credit card)?

VCC or virtual credit card has many advantages. Here I discuss some of the main uses of entropay:

Many users who wish to shop online from international online shop sites. Meanwhile, getting a credit card from a bank is not easy, in fact, often many people don't get a credit card because the bank requirements have not been met. So VCC is the best solution for you.

With VCC you can add money to betting websites or sites that are prohibited by national law. Because we need to know that some countries refuse bank transfers to online gambling or gambling sites. So VCC is also a solution to this problem, and I also strongly discourage you from doing it even if you already have VCC.

You can add Money to Popular websites for business purposes. Several websites like Flippa, Paypal, Google Developer Console, Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

Transferring money or funds is very easy. Actually his help to transfer money. Create a VCC and provide the card number and CVV of your friends who need money across borders. They can use a card as simple as a Visa card.

How to Make a Free VCC (Vritual Credit Card / Virtual Credit Card)

Here I will describe the 4 Best Free VCC Providers, namely:



Yandex money


1. Entropay Free VCC

Entropay offers free for those of you who want to open accounts, create cards and make online transactions.

With no credit checks, additional fees, or administrative delays, Entropay offers a simple virtual prepaid card solution designed with the company's online transactions in mind. EntroPay Purchase allows you to create, manage, edit, or delete prepaid virtual cards through a simple and instant online interface.

Entropay Features

Multiple currencies supported: Use Entropay VCC to pay in € EUR, GBP and $ USD currencies.

Accepted Globally: Use an Entropay VCC card to shop online wherever Visa is accepted in +120 countries.

Small fee: Top up starting at 1%. Plus, making cards and making online purchases with cards is always free
Unlimited Virtual Cards:

You can create unlimited virtual cards during the life of your account. With an Entropay account, you can have 10 active cards at any time. Removing and creating new cards is easy!

Fraud Protected: Use one Entropay card per merchant. If a trader has been compromised, there is a violation.

Instantly destroy Entropay cards to protect yourself from fraud and suspicious fees.

Set Limits: Set individual card limits for complete control over your bankroll. Adjustable card limits stop subscription costs uninterrupted and help you budget.

Steps to create a free VCC on Entropay

Visit the Entropay site & register for an account at ⇒ https://entropay.com/
Complete the Registration Form

After clicking send, you will get a welcome email

Click "Card" in the navigation menu
Click "Create Card"
Type your name on the "Name Card"
Then click "Create"
And now your first VCC has been created.

To top up the card, click "Top up Card" and choose one of the methods you want to choose and fill in the details. After the top up is complete you will get the card number, CVV number on the card itself and you can use it for online payments.

Keep in mind that Entropay only allows you to create one card on their free account. If you want to add more than one card, you will need to upgrade your account to standard or pro.

2. Neteller Free VCC

Neteller also offers free virtual account creation and credit card creation. One of the advantages of a neteller is that it does not charge any fees for local bank deposits and international bank transfers.

Neteller Features

Pay with confidence: NETELLER makes online payments easy - even when debit and credit cards don't work.
You can spend your money on thousands of international sites
Create a free VCC account at Neteller

Please go to URL ⇒ https://www.neteller.com/en
Fill in the required details
Click "Open Account"

You will get an email to confirm, and open your email
Click the link in the email
Provide details and Sign in
Click on the Money option
Select the preferred method and add the specified minimum funds.

After that Select the Net + Card link which is on the left side of your screen
Select the Net + Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® section
Click "Add Card"

Choose the currency you want. Please select the currency you want that you use frequently for online shopping as there will be a 3.99% currency exchange fee if there is a currency conversion.
Name your card (optional).

Fill in the card limit (optional).
After you create a Net + Prepaid Mastercard®, you will see the 16 digit card number appear, along with
Security Code (CVV) and expiration date.

Now you can use the Virtual Net + card number created at your favorite Merchant.

Neteller Net + VCC Only available in certain countries!

Note: Although the first Net + Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® is free, each subsequent card will cost 3 USD (2.5 EUR / 2 GBP). And you can also have up to 5 active Net + Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® cards at once.

3. Yandex Money Free VCC

Yandex Money is a payment service based in a Russian Company. There is no restriction for other countries to use this service and vcc is available free there.

When you visit the website and enter, of course you will feel confused because of language problems, some are in English and some are in Russian with very strange letters.

All you need to do is translate this website using google translator or Google Translate.

Yandex Money features

Safe and customer data protected
Get used to various online payments
Virtual wallet application
Easy transaction
Create a free VCC account on Yandex Money

Visit the Yandex Money site & Register ⇒ https://money.yandex.ru/
Register with your google account, social profile, or email. Also provide a phone number

During registration, you will get an OTP to your cellphone. So, Enter the OTP on the website and complete the registration.
Then, Select the Yandex.money Card on the left side of your Screen.
Select Message Card or Create Card (Can be shown as a 'Virtual Map' maybe a Virtual Card.

Maybe it's just a wrong translation)
Enter Your Name and Create Your Card!
You will receive a CVV number on your registered mobile number.

And done, the creation of your VCC virtual credit card with Yandex money was successful!

4. Payoneer

Payoneer is a financial services company that provides online money transfer services and digital payments. Account holders can send and receive funds to their bank account, Payoneer e-wallet, or to a rechargeable prepaid MasterCard debit card that can be used online or at a point of sale. The company specializes in facilitating cross-border B2B payments. It provides cross-border transactions in more than 150 local currencies, leveraging a worldwide banking network to make local bank transfers.

Companies such as Airbnb, Amazon, Google, and Upwork also use Payoneer to send bulk payments around the world. It is also used by the eCommerce marketplace, and works with ad networks to connect these companies with publishers based outside of their home country.

In the content creation space, Payoneer works with various companies and freelance marketplaces. The company is headquartered in New York City.

I am also a Payoneer user even though I already have PayPal. I use Payoneer because not all of my clients have PayPal, so it is an alternative when I want to receive payments from them. And Payoneer also gives you the opportunity to make as much as $ 25.

Another advantage of Payoneer is that we will get a credit card in the form of a physical or plastic card and this can be used to withdraw money directly from an ATM machine (Automated Teller Machine), although the balance on your Payoneer can basically be withdrawn directly to your local bank account.

Payoneer is also widely accepted in online shopping centers, so you don't need to worry when opening an account at Payoneer. This is another best solution which you can use.

Create free VCC on Payoneer

Visit the Payoneer website at ⇒ https://www.payoneer.com/
Please click Register and register according to the required instructions.

Try to fill in your personal information according to the correct address and name, this is so that you can withdraw money to your local bank account smoothly and make it easier for you when you want to receive a physical credit card which will be sent directly to your home address.

And now you have VCC on Payoneer
Then do the activation by going to Settings → Card Management.

Find the card that requires activation and click 'ACTIVATE'.
And follow the on-screen instructions to activate your card.


That is the tutorial on how to make a Virtual Credit Card or VCC (Virtual Credit Card) for free. I have described the VCC providers above that you can choose from as well as a step by step guide for creating a free VCC.

For those of you who currently need VCC, please try one of the methods above and use it wisely for useful purposes. Hopefully this article was useful for you and good luck. Good luck