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3 ways to get free paypal money

How to Get Money from the Internet - In this modern era, it turns out that there are several ways to get money that you may not have thought of before. Making money on the internet seems to have become a trend nowadays.

Finding income or money from the internet is not easy. Why is that? Because if you are not careful you can become a victim of fraud on the internet and instead of getting money, it's the opposite.

Like in the offline world, making money on the internet or online actually requires hard work to get maximum results. You need to find a search container such as PPC, PTC, or Web Blog to generate coffers.

Finding money on the internet also requires persistence and time, so you also have to be patient if you want your business to get money from the internet to run smoothly. To avoid rampant scams on the Internet, here are 3 proven ways to make money on the internet.

1. How to Get Money from YouTube

You probably already know that working as a YouTuber is no longer taboo in our country. There are even some Indonesian YouTubers who are well known overseas thanks to their work on the YouTube channel. You need to know that all YouTubers earn quite a lot of money from the results of their online activities which they often do by uploading unique videos, singing videos, cooking videos, tutorial videos, and videos of daily activities or watching videos on YouTube to make money. Becoming a YouTuber is also often done by several groups who not only want to find coffers but also want to increase their popularity.

Even working as a YouTuber is also known to be not too difficult but requires high creativity because you have to create various content for the audience. Interested in becoming a YouTuber? Here are some possible ways you can become a popular and earning YouTuber.

Create a YouTube Channel

The first way to get money from YouTube with Android is to create a YouTube Channel account first. You can create your own channel using a unique and memorable name to grab the viewer's attention. Or if you are confident enough, you can also use your own name. You also have to determine how the theme and character of your channel will be, make sure your channel has unique and different content.

Monetize YouTube Channels

Once you have a YouTube Channel account, all you have to do is monetize your YouTube Channel. The method is quite easy, after logging into your YouTube Channel account, please click the "Account Information" menu on the top right. After that, select the "Creator Studio" menu and click "Channel", then click "Status and Features", select "Enable Monetization", and agree to the agreement given.

Connect your YouTube channel to AdSense

After you enable monetization of your YouTube Channel account, the way to earn money from YouTube without uploading videos is to associate and approve an AdSense account to your YouTube Channel account. Later you can use this feature to track your revenue, which will only pay off if you complete or follow YouTube's existing payment thresholds.

Optimizing the Monetization Function on the YouTube Channel

The next step is to optimize the monetization function on the YouTube Channel by meeting several criteria, namely the video must be user-friendly, the content is your own work so that it can be promoted by paying attention to the existing Terms of Service and Community. Guidelines. made by YouTube. After you enable the monetization function on your YouTube Channel account, some advertisements will appear on your next video.

Take Conversion Rate to Product Pages

If you lead a specific company or business, you can use your YouTube Channel as an opportunity to increase your conversion rate. The method is quite easy, you have to create content that shows the quality of the product that you want to highlight through promotion. Next, you have to create a link on your product page in the description column of your YouTube video. Things like this are often done by vloggers who want to subtly sell a product. For example, in make up tutorial videos, there are usually lots of shots of certain products used by the account owner.

Selling Videos on Video Sales Websites

Not only uploaded to the YouTube channel, you can also sell your videos on commercial sites that are a means for video creators to sell their work. You see, on your YouTube account you can just upload a teaser video which will later direct video viewers to pay if you want to watch the full version. How to get a salary from YouTube or how to get money from YouTube, this one is often done by YouTubers.

Drive Traffic to Affiliate Links

Maybe many of you still don't understand the meaning of affiliate marketing? Yes, affiliate marketing is an opportunity for you to make money online, which is popular with a lot of people. Instead of just relying on existing blogs to direct people to affiliate links, you can try creating a cool YouTube channel and using it as a catalyst that can lead to those affiliate links. Along with the development of the visual niche, people are getting lazy to read long texts, so you have a great opportunity to grow this business even faster. How to get money from google adsense youtube is an example of affiliate marketing.

Attract sponsors

If you watch YouTube often, of course you already know that almost all content on YouTube contains elements of sponsorship and advertising. These two aspects are often used by active YouTube Channel users as a way to get money from YouTube without Google Adsense. You can also take advantage of this feature to get some money that you can make from YouTube.

2. How to Get Money from Google

For now, there are indeed many ways or ways that you can use to get money from the internet. Maybe you've heard the story of many people out there who get their money from various networks on the Internet such as Google.

Maybe some people know Google as a mere data search engine, even though this company is a giant internet company that provides various services online. One of them is a service that opens cooperation with every internet user around the world to get money from the internet through Google.

Google itself is divided into several more programs, one of which is Google Adsense. In this one program, you are given the opportunity to become a partner and share the profits in a broad industrial business that can generate promising coffers. Anyone can follow and make Google Adsense a field to make money. Interested? Here are a few ways.

Become a Blogger

The first way to get money from Google Adsense is to become a blogger. How to get money without capital is classified as the easiest and can be done by anyone regardless of educational background and others. Capital to become a blogger and apply how to get quick money in a day this one is a lot of reading and can write many articles.

Become an Android Application maker

Then the second, there is also a way to get money from google adsense without a blog, namely by becoming an android application maker. This is the most popular way to get money from the internet without capital. You can take advantage of your programming skills by creating Android applications (APKs), both games and other applications. Later, you will get money from Google via Android after many have uploaded the applications that you created. This method is often classified as a way to get money from the Google Play Store which is the most popular in today's era.

3. How to Get Dollars on Paypal

Want to get free dollars easily? In this sophisticated era, almost all activities are connected to the internet. Starting from looking for entertainment, interacting with friends, to doing business activities. One of the well-known business payment tools is Paypal or Online Payment Processor. Paypal serves to receive and send payments.

Paypal balance itself is the currency used in Paypal, and you need to know that the currency here is divided into several types such as American Dollars (USD), Singapore Dollars (SGD), Euros, Pounds Sterling, and others. For Indonesia itself, it uses the US Dollar (USD) currency. There are several ways to get a free paypal balance that you can apply to increase your dollar coffers in your Paypal account.

Free Paypal balance from whaff

The first way to get free dollars quickly is to run the Rewards application on your Android phone. How to get free dollars on this one can make you collect money in the form of a balance which you can later transfer to Paypal. One application that is often targeted is the WHAFF application. You can install the application on the Play Store and then create an account using a Facebook account. In the "Bonus / Invitation Code" box, enter the code BG96721 and later you will get a free balance as your first registration bonus of 0.30 USD. You can also perform various tasks at WHAFF to increase your dollar balance. How to add automatic paypal balance this one is quite popular applied by various groups.

Paypal balance from Tap Cash.

Then the second way to get free email dollars is by downloading the Tap Cash application on the Play Store. After you download the application, go to the "Settings" menu and set up your profile. After that select "Blind Facebook Account" and log in using your Facebook account. This one method is also often referred to as a way to get dollars from Facebook which is quite phenomenal. After logging in with your Facebook account, you will later get a $ 200 bonus as the first sign-up bonus. You can see this bonus by opening the "Settings" menu, then clicking "Invited By" and entering the coupon code 784854, then clicking "OK".

Free Paypal balance from Cash Pirate

The third way to get money from paypal and awsurveys is to run the Cash Pirate application on your android phone. Please install the Cash Pirate application first on the Playstore, then register your new account. After entering the city "Register Account", enter the ASNPTO code. Later you will get 500 points as a bonus from your first registration. To further increase your balance or points, do the tasks given by Cash Pirate.

Paypal balance from GrabPoints

And the last way to get free dollars quickly is to download and install the GrabPoints application on your Android phone. After the GrabPoints application has been installed, please log in with your Facebook account. Then enter the DYJUNO code in the "Enter Invitation Code" box to get 500 bonus points. If you want to earn more points, you can enter the data requested by the application and carry out the tasks given by GrapPoints as well.

Based on the experiences of several people who have been successful in the online field of making money, the above methods are the three most popular ways chosen to get money easily from the internet. You can apply this method of getting money easily if you are interested in making money on the internet.