1. Play games and receive Bitcoin for free

Certain websites invite you to play games. You will be given free Satoshi. Similar to faucets, they try to keep you playing. Unfortunately, these game providers are usually advertisers as well.

If you like watching commercials and playing games, this option might be for you. Make sure you have plenty of time. The miniscule amount of Satoshi you will earn might even increase.

2. Surf the internet

The amazing way to get free Bitcoin is very simple. Actually, this should be No. 1. But like most other options it works similarly to a Bitcoin faucet. Therefore, the value you will receive should increase from many Satoshis to one Bitcoin. But let's take a deeper look at how it works.

To be honest, I myself just started using such services. While writing this blog post, I earned free bitcoins. Simply by using a new type of internet browser called Cryptobrowser.

All you have to do is download and install the CryptoTab browser. Available for all devices, from Windows desktop, MacOS, iOS and Android.

After installation, make Crypto-Browser your default. Use it like your Google Chrom, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Crypto Browsing is fast, convenient, and you earn free Bitcoin while browsing the internet. Very cool!

Watch the video - how to get free Bitcoin in 2020

So how much Bitcoin can I get for free using Crypto-Browser? I just installed it myself. About an hour ago. Let's take a look and see how much money I make, just using the internet.

Within 1 hour I got 0.00000257 Bitcoin (BTC). This is 0.016 USD. To do nothing? It was incredible!

3. Bitcoin mining is never free

When it comes to free bitcoin mining, forget it. Mining Bitcoin is never free. Actually the price is quite expensive. When it comes to Bitcoin mining, we have to distinguish 4 options. If you want to become a serious Bitcoin miner, be sure to read our guide on how bitcoin works. You will find out what Bitcoin mining is and what hardware you need. But for now, let's describe the different options for Bitcoin mining:

D) Bitcoin cloud mining

Cloud mining is the last option you should choose. Whether you combine your own hardware with others or participate only financially. It is very difficult to make a profit, if not impossible. Most of the people we know who invest in cloud mining are actually losing money.

Therefore, on our part, be careful before you decide to go into this option. Even a contract might look good. Keep in mind that Bitcoin price is very volatile. Therefore, it is likely that the return on your investment will be zero if not reduced.

C) Become a Bitcoin Miner

This is it if you want to become a Bitcoin miner yourself. All you need is to mine hardware and software. Remember that today, you will have professional competitors out there. Years ago, it was very easy to become a Bitcoin miner. Even with your home computer, you can get Bitcoin for free. These days, it's much more difficult.

In order to profit from your Bitcoin miner, you need enormous hardware power. The real downside is, miners do need a lot of electricity. To clarify: great power consumption. Therefore, it makes sense to become a Bitcoin miner if you have access to renewable energy or if you live in a country where electric power is very cheap.

B) Use Bitcoin-Mining-Pools

Bitcoin miners use mining pools to join groups. The stronger the group (more hardware strength), the more likely you will be rewarded with Bitcoin. Simply put, because you can complete blockchain transaction requests faster than the competition.

The Bitcoin-Mining-Pool option is a great way to become a miner today. But again, you need hardware, software and lots of power.

A) Love Bitcoin Farming

If you are serious about Bitcoin mining, you can buy regulated private equity stocks. Professional investors farm Bitcoin with an established mining pool.

4. Get paid in Bitcoin

Of course, if you get paid in Bitcoin, you have to work for it. Therefore, this option is not completely free. But as we mentioned before, nothing is free and certainly no free Bitcoin does nothing at all.

However, getting paid in Bitcoin is an easy option. Especially, if you have something to offer. You can sell goods or services while accepting Bitcoin payments. Another option is to ask for donations. Both are easy to install. Either on the website or in real business life too.

5. Buy Bitcoin directly

Lastly, we have the last but by far the best option for getting free Bitcoin. How does this work? Simply! Get a Bitcoin wallet for yourself, and buy Bitcoin. Overall, I can recommend PrimeXBT, Cex.io if it has to be cheap or Etoro with great flexibility to trade and exchange other cryptocurrencies as well.

But how can you get it if it's free when you buy it? If you look at the volatile crypto market, you can see how much money there is. Finding the right time to invest is key. The Bitcoin may continue to decline, but according to experts, Bitcoin is the future.