Who can use American Express car rental insurance ?

Amex is a solid choice for car rental insurance because all its cards come with this feature. This is a refreshing contrast to the many other providers that offer benefits with only certain credit cards - or none at all.

Does American Express have car rental insurance?

American Express offers Rental Car Loss and Damage Insurance with all available credit cards.

Depending on the card, you will typically find $ 50,000 to $ 75,000 in maximum coverage against the value of the rental vehicle. Premium cards such as The Platinum Card® from American Express and Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Cards usually offer greater protection.

It also includes some additional costs, including loss of use and appraisal fees. The policies of some of the other providers do not cover loss of use, so this is a nice addition to Amex policies.

How long does Amex car rental insurance cover me?

Amex car rental insurance covers you for 30 consecutive days after you have signed the rental agreement.

What is not covered by Amex car rental insurance?

There are cases where Amex car rental insurance may not apply. This includes, but is not limited to:

Using a rental car that violates the rental agreement.
Engaging in illegal activities and driving while drunk.
Drive certain types of vehicles, such as cargo vans, rental vehicles, and limousines.

Intentional damage to the car, defects, theft or damage as a result of your failure to secure the vehicle and much more.

Professional tip

Amex car rental insurance policies are fairly uniform across the country, but can vary depending on where you live. Check your Rental Car Loss and Damage Insurance Plan to find out how the policy may change based on your state or territory.

Is Amex car rental insurance primary or secondary?

Amex car rental insurance is secondary, which means you have to make a claim with other available insurance sources before claiming with Amex.

How to use American Express car rental insurance

Before renting a vehicle, read your American Express Rental Car's Loss and Damage Insurance plan.
Pay for your entire rental with a valid Amex payment method and refuse coverage from the car rental agency.
In the event of theft, accident or acts of vandalism, immediately notify law enforcement about the incident.

Within 30 days, call the Amex benefits administrator at 800-338-1670 - or 216-617-2500 if you are overseas.
If necessary, complete and return the claim form, along with the supporting information requested, within 60 days. Required details may include - but are not limited to - a detailed repair bill, a photo of the vehicle damage, proof of your personal insurance and proof that you have paid your rent using an eligible Amex payment method.

How long will it take to receive payment?

If the Amex benefits administrator approves your claim, you will receive payment within 90 days after you submit the required information.

Who can use American Express car rental insurance?

You are entitled to American Express car rental insurance if you:

Is the primary card holder or authorized user.
Sign a car rental agreement.
Have permanent residence in the United States 50, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands.
You have activated your Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance.

How to activate Amex Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance

The following is the definition of a scope that is enabled:

You deny coverage from the car rental company or buy a partial collision damage waiver.
You or the official driver is in the rental agreement, and the vehicle is yours.
You pay for the entire rental with an Amex card, Membership Rewards points, or Pay with Points. This includes any deposits you have to make when picking up the vehicle.

The bottom line

Amex is a great choice for car rental insurance, as all the cards currently available offer benefits. Before renting a car and relying on Amex insurance, check your Car Rental Loss and Damage policy for state or territory specific exceptions.