What is an American express routing number ? this is the explanation !

Most people are likely to know American Express through its popular credit card range, but the company's online banking wing also exists. American Express National Bank, a FDIC Member, offers high-yielding online savings accounts - American Express Personal Savings® - to customers. Although banks that only offer one account are somewhat limited in scope, the American Express National Bank still uses routing numbers to fund your savings account.

American Express National Bank Routing Number
If you funded an American Express National Bank account through an outside bank, you will need to know the routing number for that bank.

American Express National Bank Routing Number

You can also find the routing number when you log into an American Express National Bank online account.

What is a Routing Number ?

A routing number, also known as a route transit number or ABA number, is a nine-digit security code that identifies the bank sending or receiving transferred funds. While you can have multiple bank accounts with different account numbers, the routing number or the number assigned to the bank never changes.

Some transactions that require a routing number include transferring money overseas, setting up recurring payments, paying bills online or by phone, and transferring funds between different bank accounts.

Can Banks Have Multiple Routing Numbers?

Yes, banks can have multiple routing numbers. Multiple routing numbers can occur when a bank has a large geographic presence, but the numbers can also come from previous acquisitions and mergers. Wells Fargo and Citibank, for example, use different routing numbers to serve different states.

How do you find a routing number on a check?

Checks include routing numbers, check holder account numbers and the check numbers themselves. These numbers are printed along the bottom of the check starting with the nine-digit routing number.

What is the Routing Number for International Transfers?

SWIFT codes are used to confirm international transfers, not routing numbers. However, an American Express National Bank representative who spoke with GOBankingRates said that the American Express Personal Savings Account is not equipped to make international transactions. If you find yourself banking around the world, this is not the account for you.